Genshin Impact: All Millennial Mountains Item Locations

Aside from the main storyline of the Archon Quests, Genshin Impact contains a myriad of World Quests that provide interesting lore. “The Millennial Mountains” is a World Quest located on the surface of The Chasm in Genshin Impact. This quest involves a thorough exploration of the surface in order to track down special items.

It is recommended for players to unlock The Chasm’s Statue of the Seven in order to reveal the entire map for the surface. To find this quest, players can take the Teleport Waypoint located at The Chasm’s Maw and head east. The NPC Wang can be found near a memorial consisting of stacked rocks.

Wang requests six offerings to place before the memorial. Players must find: Flower of Farsight, Skyfeather, Cup of Commons, Sundial of Ages, Helm of Warding, and Warrior’s Spear. Inquiring about each offering will show a few frames hinting at the locations for each. Completing this quest will offer one of Genshin Impact’s hidden Achievements: “The Millelith Shall Never Be Moved.”

Genshin Impact: The Millennial Mountains – Flower of Farsight Location

Genshin Impact’s Flower of Farsight can be found on the tip of Cinnabar Cliff. To easily access this area, players can teleport to The Chasm’s Statue of the Seven. By using the Spoutrocks nearby, players will be able to climb the mountain behind the Waypoint to find a rock with an Investigation point. The NPC Tang Wuchou will appear.

The Flower of Farsight will look similar to a Qingxin. Collecting the Flower of Farsight will prompt the activation of the World Quest “A Cliff-Side Hero’s Past.” Players do not need to complete this quest in order to finish “The Millennial Mountains.”

Genshin Impact: The Millennial Mountains – Skyfeather Location

The Skyfeather can be found at the cliff of Glaze Peak. Players can use the Teleport Waypoint in Tiangong Gorge and head south. Players will pass one of Genshin Impact’s Bedrock Keys on the way up the cliff. Once reaching the outer layer of The Chasm’s surface, players can follow the line of the cliff to find the Skyfeather hidden in an Investigation point within a bird’s nest.

Genshin Impact: The Millennial Mountains – Cup of Commons Location

Before obtaining the Cup of Commons, players must first complete the World Quest “Undetected Infiltration.” This quest can be activated by destroying the first Bedrock Key in “Surreptitious Seven-Seal Sundering” as well as defeating a group of Treasure Hoarders at a certain location, which is marked on the map as “1.” Afterwards, players will need to meet the NPC Yanbo beside the Teleport Waypoint in Lumberpick Valley.

To complete “Undetected Infiltration,” players will need to defeat two of the three requested enemy camps. Yanbo and his soldiers will clear out the remaining camp. Afterward, players can report back to Yanbo to obtain a Precious Chest. The Cup of Commons will be inside of this chest, marked on the map above as “2.”

Genshin Impact: The Millennial Mountains – Sundial of Ages Location

For the Sundial of Ages, players will need to take the Teleport Waypoint next to The Surface. This will be close to Genshin Impact’s new domain, The Lost Valley. From the Waypoint, players should head northwest until they reach a Treasure Hoarder camp. The Sundial of Ages will be hidden in an Investigation point within a bowl atop a bench. As this offering has no open-world form, it can be difficult to miss if players are not paying attention.

Genshin Impact: The Millennial Mountains – Helm of Warding Location

The Helm of Warding can be found in The Chasm’s Maw. Players should look for a nearby Seelie, which will lead them into a wooden house. There will be a break in the floorboards that leads to the first floor. Players can head into the room beside the Seelie Court, which contains a few torches and hay. Players can burn the hay by using one of Genshin Impact’s Pyro characters or destroying the Exploding Barrels with a bow-user to avoid DMG.

Removing the hay reveals two Investigation points; one of them contains the Helm of Warding. Once players have collected the Helm of Warding, a dialogue will begin from a Treasure Hoarder Boss, “The Qingce Kid.” Defeating him is optional. Players can choose to teleport away or engage him in battle.

Genshin Impact: The Millennial Mountains – Warrior’s Spear Location

Genshin Impact’s Warrior’s Spear can be found on top of a mountain in Tiangong Gorge. Players can begin at The Chasm’s Statue of the Seven and glide southeast. There will be a few small mountain peaks with wooden beams and Violetgrass along the way. The Warrior’s Spear will be nestled at the top of the peak beside two Sweet Flowers. Unlike many of the other offerings, the Warrior’s Spear will be physically present in the open world rather than hidden inside of an Investigation point.

Genshin Impact: The Millennial Mountains Rewards and Achievement

Once players have obtained all six offerings, they will need to return to the memorial beside Wang. After offering the items to the Memorial Stone, the rock nearby will collapse and reveal a hidden entryway. Inside the hole, players will be able to find a Luxurious Chest along with the Millelith’s treasure near a stone with writing.

The five pieces of treasure will appear in the open world as other dropped Artifacts do. Upon collection, they can be found in the Artifacts tab of the Inventory as 4-star Artifacts. They can be built as-is or used to level up other Artifacts in Genshin Impact. Speaking to Wang will complete the quest and award players with the Achievement: “The Millelith Shall Never Be Moved.” With this Genshin Impact World Quest complete, players will be able to better understand the history of the Millelith’s battle during the disaster five hundred years prior.

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