Genshin Impact: All New Fleeting Colors in Flight Furnishings Available

In Genshin Impact, the new event Fleeting Colors in Flight has brought with it many new rewards for players to collect, including sets of furnishings. These sets can be placed inside the player\’s Serenitea Pot for decoration. To earn these decorative items, players will need to earn Immaculate Talismans as part of the event and exchange them at the Event Shop for the furniture of their choice. The new furnishings can be found in the Afterglow Market Stage 2 section. Players should note this event only runs for a limited time, and it will end on February 12, 2022.

In order to participate in the Fleeting Colors in Flight event in Genshin Impact, players must have reached at least Adventure Rank 28 and completed the quests A New Star Approaches and The Crane Returns on the Wind. While the event has four parts Flameplume Starflowers, Wonderous Shadows, The Great Gathering, and Oceanic Defender, players can only collect Immaculate Talismans and earn the furnishings from The Great Gathering portion of the event.

To participate in The Great Gathering, players will need to collect resources from enemies they encounter and defeat at Guyun Stone Forest. Defeating these enemies will unlock various challenges, which include Interrogation by Night, Curio Salvage, Midpoint Interception, Return to Safe Harbor, and The Key Catch. As players progress through these challenges, they can salvage and unlock resources. Players will eventually unlock Waverider Waypoints, which will allow them to summon a Waverider to complete the challenges at sea and defeat enemies in Genshin Impact. Of note, these Waveriders can only spawn near Guyun Stone Forest, and they will despawn if players try and exceed its borders. Players should note that the Waverider Waypoints near the forest will only spawn during the Fleeting Colors in Flight event, and will disappear once the event ends.

Genshin Impact: The Great Gathering Event Guide and Rewards

Additionally, enemy Elite Treasure Hoarders, which can be uncovered in encampments around Guyun Stone Forest, can buff themselves to increase their defensive stats. Players should use Quelling Fireworks if they want to neutralize their buffs and defeat the enemy Elite Treasure Hoarders. The Quelling Fireworks can be found in firework boxes at their camps, and they will inflict Pyro damage in Genshin Impact when ignited. This may be useful when players are seeking to defeat the hoards of enemies around Guyun Stone Forest and complete the challenges for The Great Gathering, most of which require using the Waverider Waypoints to summon a Waverider and defeating Treasure Hoarders.

Players looking to collect all the Fleeting Colors in Flight furniture will need to purchase blueprints for Festive Fragrance: Goods Piled High, Festive Fragrance: Of Gold and Jade, Rainbow Lights: Lovely Night View, Fine Stall: Splash of Color, Rainbow Stall: Ultramarine, Rainbow Stall: Ruby Red, Rainbow Cloud Flying Satin Pole, Blooming Candle: Pure as a Lotus, and Rainbow Lights: At Dawn We Celebrate. Each furnishing will cost the player 300 Immaculate Talismans.

Players can use their newly obtained furnishings to decorate their Serenitea Pot in Genshin Impact. Participating in The Great Gathering will not only earn players Immaculate Talismans for these furniture items, but players can also earn Primogems, Hero\’s Wit, Mystic Enhancement Ore, Mora, and the Bountiful Year recipe. If players choose to complete all four stages of the event, they can also earn a free 4-star Liyue character and a Ningguang skin, Orchid’s Evening Gown.

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