Genshin Impact: All Sacred Sakura Tree Rewards

Exploration in Genshin Impact’s Inazuma region gives the players a variety of rewards such as Mora, Artifacts, and needed resources. As Genshin Impact’s Inazuma characters require specific regional specialties for Ascension, Inazuma has another exclusive item: Electro Sigils. Similarly, Mondstadt contains Anemo Sigils, while Liyue contains Geo Sigils. Whereas Anemo Sigils can be exchanged in Mondstadt’s Souvenir Shop and Geo Sigils at Liyue’s Mingxing Jewelry, Electro Sigils can be offered at the Sacred Sakura of the Grand Narukami Shrine. After players fully raise the Sacred Sakura’s Favor, they will be given the option to trade the remaining Electro Sigils at Inazuma’s Netsuke no Gen Crafts.

Players will be able to exchange Electro Sigils for rewards after reaching certain milestones. This is similar to offering Electroculi at a Statue of the Seven in Genshin Impact. Electro Sigils can be earned via exploration as they are often hidden in chests. Players should be sure to upgrade the Sakura Tree as much as they can as the rewards will greatly aid in Character Ascension and exploration using Thunder Sakura Boughs.

One of the rewards for offering Electro Sigils to the Sacred Sakura is a blessing increase for Electrograna. When characters are carrying an Electrogranum – which is given by the Thunder Sakura Boughs all throughout Inazuma – players will be given certain blessings. At its max Level 15, Electrogana can be carried for 30 seconds and will allow players to pass through Advanced Thunder Barriers, interact with Thunder Spheres, and block a certain number of attacks from environmental hazards such as Balethunder. If an Electro character – such as Genshin Impact’s Raiden Ei – is in possession of the Electrogranum, the character will slowly regenerate Elemental Energy if it is less than or equal to 50%. Additionally, Electro characters are able to unleash coordinated Elemental Attacks from the Electrogranum.

Genshin Impact: All Player Rewards for Max Level 50 Sacred Sakura Favor

As for the Inventory rewards, in total, players will receive a Billet from each weapon class, the Inazuma: Sacred Sakura Namecard, a Silken Print – used to unlock the Inazuma realm of the Serenitea Pot – and the Furnishing item “The Spring Mist Weaves the Sakura Rain.” Players will also receive the Level-up Materials: five Crowns of Insight, 500 Mystic Enhancement Ores, 2.5 million Mora, ten Philosophies of Transience, ten Philosophies of Elegance, and ten Philosophies of Light. Lastly, players will receive five Fragile Resin, 9,600 Adventure EXP, 20 Acquaint Fate, 10 Intertwined Fate, and four Inazuma Shrine of Depths Keys – which will unlock one of Genshin Impact’s Luxurious Chests.

Players are able to increase the Sacred Sakura Favor’s level by offering Electro Sigils in increments of 25. As there are 50 levels, a total of 1,250 Electro Sigils are needed in order to bring the Sacred Sakura to its max level. Once it has been raised to level 50, players will be able to access Inazuma’s specialty shop by speaking to the NPC Mikoshi Genichirou. Inazuma’s specialty shop contains Blueprints for the Serenitea Pot, Mora, and Ascension Material. Even after exploring new regions to 100% completion, Genshin Impact players will continue to be rewarded.

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