Genshin Impact: All Shenhe Character Leaks Explained

With Arataki Itto\’s Banner being released relatively soon, an unexpected post on miHoYo\’s social media platforms revealed two new playable characters in Genshin Impact. Yun Jin and Shenhe will be joining the growing cast of characters in the free-to-play RPG game. As the Version 2.4 beta went live, several leaks of Shenhe\’s Talents and abilities were prevalent online. Here are all the known leaks related to Shenhe so far.

Shenhe wields a polearm in Genshin Impact and will use a Cryo Vision in battle. She is a disciple of the Adeptus Cloud Retainer, the same as Ganyu. Shenhe is, however, a human, coming from a family of exorcists similar to Chongyun. Shenhe has been described to be a ferocious individual who gets easily angered. Aside from her cold personality and mysterious training with Cloud Retainer, very little is known about her.

Leaked information on Shenhe reveals her specialization in enhancing Cryo and Physical damage. Her Talents also display her ability to deal Cryo damage while not being active on the field, which is perfect for triggering Elemental Reactions in Genshin Impact. Despite having many existing Cryo characters in the game, Shenhe\’s Talents offers plenty of new abilities that make her stand out.

Genshin Impact: Shenhe\’s Talents & Constellations

Shenhe\’s Normal Attack in Genshin Impact is called the Dawnstar Shooter where she performs five consecutive strikes with her spear. Her Elemental Skill, known as Spring Spirit Summoning, can be pressed or held. By pressing the attack, Shenhe rushes forward with a spirit beside her, dealing Cryo damage. By holding the attack, she summons a Talisman Spirit to deal AOE Cryo damage. The Talent will also grant all party members a set number of Icy Quill stacks, which increases Cryo damage for a limited time based on Shenhe\’s ATK.

Her Elemental Burst, Divine Maiden\’s Deliverance, summons a Spirit that deals AOE Cryo damage within an area on the field similar to Rosaria in Genshin Impact. The skill will also decrease the enemy\’s Cryo and Physical resistance. Shenhe\’s passive Talents allow the player to gain 25% extra rewards when sending her on Liyue Expeditions that take more than 20 hours. Her other passive skill grants an additional 10% Cryo damage to any character inside the field generated by the Divine Madian\’s Deliverance. Shenhe can also enhance the party\’s Elemental Skill and Burst damage by 15% when pressing her Elemental skill, while holding the ability increases Normal, Charged, and Plunging damage.

Shenhe\’s Constellation 1 allows her to use Spring Spirit Summoning an extra time, while at level 2, her Elemental Burst lasts 6 seconds longer and increases Cryo Crit damage by 15% for characters within the field. Constellation 4 grants Shenhe a Skyfrost Mantra stack whenever a character enhanced by her Icy Quill triggers the Cryo buff. This increases Shenhe\’s Elemental Skill damage, therefore it\’s recommended that players use an additional Cryo character in Geshin Impact to better utilize the ability. The final level allows allies to retain the Icy Quill stacks when performing Normal or Charged attacks. Shenhe is set to be released during the 2.4 update, allowing players plenty of time to save for her Banner.

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