Genshin Impact: All Yae Miko Character Leaks Explained

Yae Miko was first introduced during the Inazuma Archon Quests in Genshin Impact and quickly became a fan-favorite character within the community. When miHoYo announced Yae Miko as an upcoming playable character, many gamers eagerly waited for her abilities to be revealed. As the Version 2.5 beta went live, several leaks of Yae Miko\’s Talents were prevalent online. Here are all the known leaks about Yae Miko.

Yae Miko uses a catalyst weapon in Genshin Impact and wields an Electro Vision. She is the head shrine maiden of the Grand Narukami Shrine of Inazuma and is a descendant of Kitsunes, known as mythical foxes in Japanese folklore. Yae Miko was described as being polite when performing her duties as a shrine maiden but has a more cunning and devious side, which can be seen when players interacted with Yae in the story. Despite being a mysterious character, Yae Miko played a vital role in resolving the Inazuma conflict.

Leaked footage of Yae Miko reveals her to be a powerful Electro-focused damage dealer specializing in turret attacks known as auto-abilities that deal continuous damage to enemies for a short time period. Her attacks are also great for infusing Electro status to enemies, which can be used to trigger Elemental Reactions in Genshin Impact. Yae Miko will be the second Electro catalyst user introduced in the game, the first being Lisa, which was a free-to-play character given to players from the start.

Genshin Impact Leaks: Yae Miko\’s Talents & Constellations

Yae Miko\’s Normal Attack, called the Spiritfox Sin-Eater, has her summoning fox spirits to deal Electro damage while her Charged Attack has her creating bolts of lightning that\’ll strike enemies from above. Her Elemental Skill leaves a Sesshou Sakura on the field, which will attack enemies with Electro damage periodically. Yae Miko has a total of three Sesshou Sakura charges being able to simultaneously place all three onto the battlefield. The skill will increase in level and damage based on the number of existing Sakuras on the field.

Yae Miko\’s Elemental Burst is comparable to some of the strongest Electro characters in Genshin Impact. When Yao Miko uses her Talent Tenko Kenshin, she summons a large lightning bolt that deals AOE Electro damage to surrounding enemies. When using her Burst, the Sesshou Sakura\’s on the field will be destroyed, which will then create thunderbolts that\’ll strike enemies based on the number of Sakuras. One of her Passive Talents will allow her to regain Sakura charges when using her Elemental Burst. Her Elemental Mastery stats will also increase her Sesshou Sakura damage by 0.15% for each point.

Yae Miko\’s Constellations in Genshin Impact increase her Skill and Burst\’s effectiveness. At C1, her Elemental Burst will restore eight Elemental Energy while at C2, her Sesshou Sakura\’s attack range will increase by 60% and the initial level will increase by 1. At C4, Yae Miko\’s Sakura\’s will grant all allies a 20% Electro damage bonus. Her final Constellation will have her Sesshou Sakura\’s attacks ignore 60% of the enemy\’s defense allowing her skill to deal more damage. There is currently no confirmation on Yae Miko\’s release, but players can expect her to arrive during the Version 2.5 update.

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