Genshin Impact: An Unwavering Culinary Dream World Quest Guide and Tips

An Unwavering Culinary Dream World Quest is a chain of world quests that were added in the Sumeru update in Genshin Impact. Wherein you will meet Arapacati, who wants you to locate his siblings so they can assist him in preparing for the Festival Utsava. Unfortunately, your only indication that they’ve all departed the village is the trail of smoke that you can make out as you get closer to their homes. Here is a complete walkthrough that will help you in the completion of this world quest.

How to unlock and complete the An Unwavering Culinary Dream World Quest in Genshin Impact

To unlock the An Unwavering Culinary Dream quest, the player should follow the guidelines below:

  • The player must finish the World of Aranara quest first to gain access to An Unwavering Culinary Dream. The World of Aranara is the first quest of the Aranyaka: Part II Dream Nursery chain in Sumeru for Genshin Impact.

In the An Unwavering Culinary Dream World quest, there are a group of sub-quests involved that would make the quest seem more taxing than it truly is. There are a total of 5 sub-quests that are included to complete this world quest. This includes a series of cooking different dishes that are being introduced in Sumeru.

Cooking, the Flavor of Nature

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This is the first part of the An Unwavering Culinary Dream world quest. First, the player should look for a rising pillar of smoke. Afterward, use Dendro to heal the Aranara then look for the “Head Mushroom.” Next would be to neutralize the Withering Zone and pick the Head Mushroom. Finally, Return to Arachatora’s pot.

Cooking, a Pleasant Memory

The second sub-quest is Cooking, a Pleasant Memory. First Look for Arasaka near Gandharva Ville she will be looking for sugar. Then Approach the Aranara by the Zaytun Peaches. Head to Gandharva Ville and look for someone “with a bulge on their back” Talk to the person, and that is where you can get the sugar.

Cooking, the Aroma of Homecoming

When looking for Arapas, you find a cooking pot with soup in it and decide to drink from it; this angers Arapas, emerging from the ground, who orders the traveler and Paimon to go fetch new water from the “Living Spring.” When you interact with a glowing marker next to a nearby waterfall, you discover that it is nothing but water. After you have finished, head back to Vanarana and speak with Arapacati.

Cooking, the Beauty of Sharing

First, look for Araphala. Make the traveler use Dendro to wake Araphala up from their deep slumber. Talk to the Aranara about going to the festival. The players will then need to defeat the ruin drake to progress in the quest. After defeating the huge monster go and report back to Araphala. After this return to camp with the sleepy Araphala.

A Delicacy for Nara

After completing the four sub-quests, the player can now complete the quest, A Delicacy for Nara. Arapacati was able to locate and notify all four brothers thanks to you! Now go back to Vanarana and search for Arapacati.

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After talking to Arapacati who is grateful for what the player has done, the quest chain An Unwavering Culinary Dreams is officially done. Completing the An Unwavering Culinary Dreams world quest also grants the Wonders of the World Achievement Master Chef: Vanarana.

An Unwavering Culinary Dreams World Quest Completion Rewards

In An Unwavering Culinary Dreams World quest, players can obtain rewards by completing the quest. The rewards include:

  • Hero’s Wit x11
  • Mora ×120,000
  • 1100 Adventure Experience Points
  • Primogems x140
  • Mystic enchantment ore x4

That was all in our Genshin Impact guide to complete An Unwavering Culinary Dream world quest.

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