Genshin Impact Anniversary Gift Adds Free Glider Bundle After Backlash

Players of Genshin Impact have begun to receive rewards from the game\’s developer following controversy over the title\’s first-anniversary celebrations. The free-to-play RPG has amassed a huge number of players since it first released in 2020, and many Genshin Impact fans were previously left disappointed in the original plans for the release\’s first birthday.

Developer miHoYo announced a series of community events and rewards for Genshin Impact\’s first anniversary earlier this month. The majority of the celebrations aren\’t in-game, with the company instead focusing on events such as cosplay contests, fanart competitions, and a photography raffle, spread across its social media channels. Prizes for the contests range from in-game rewards to physical items, including iPads, Apple AirPods, and gift vouchers. The community events drew criticism from those who expected to see celebratory rewards for all the game\’s users, instead of prizes for just a few select winners. Other anniversary rewards also came under fire for being lackluster in comparison to previous celebrations. The controversy led many to review bomb Genshin Impact across various platforms, with the game temporarily dropping to just a two-star rating on the Google Play Store.

Following the backlash from fans, new Genshin Impact anniversary rewards have begun rolling out to players. Along with 400 Primogems, the new reward bundle also includes the Wings of Shimmering Galaxy wind glider, which was previously expected to be included in an upcoming paid premium concert bundle (via DualShockers). Reddit user L3monLif3 shared a screenshot of their in-game rewards message (via TechRaptor), revealing miHoYo\’s thanks to the players for their \”continuous support and love for Genshin Impact.\” The message also invites players to the Genshin Impact online concert, taking place on October 3.

See the post on Reddit here.

The free Genshin Impact Wings of Shimmering Galaxy wind glider and Primogems come as a surprise to many players. The full concert bundle, revealed by previous leaks, was expected to set players back $30, so receiving a reduced version of the bundle for free has already gone some way in appeasing those upset over the anniversary rewards controversy. The paid Concert Bundle was expected to release alongside the Genshin Impact concert, and was believed to include 1000 Primogems, the Wings of Poetic Melodies glider, Celebration: Tuneful Delight (namecard), and Splendid Phrase (harp furniture).

miHoYo\’s response to the backlash suggests that the developer is taking fan feedback on board, despite allegations of the company removing negative reviews written by players. The free item and Primogems are more in line with what players expected from Genshin Impact\’s first-anniversary celebrations, and it\’s possible that even more freebies are on the horizon for the game\’s many devoted fans.

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