Genshin Impact Announces February Special Program & Online Concert

An upcoming Genshin Impact special program and online concert, revealing the action role-playing game\’s upcoming Version 2.5 update, will be held in February. miHoYo\’s open-world fantasy title receives frequent updates, which add new content like characters and regions, and these new versions are revealed through developer livestreams. Rumors about Genshin Impact\’s 2.5 livestream date have now been confirmed, with the event arriving two weeks prior to Version 2.5\’s launch on February 16.

Genshin Impact is an ever-expanding experience, with miHoYo constantly adding to the game\’s fantasy world of Teyvat and its roster of unique adventurers. The title receives a large update every six weeks, with each introducing a new Version along with patches and a sizable amount of brand-new content. Genshin Impact Version 2.4 launched on January 5, adding two additional character named Shenhe and Yun Jin alongside the new Enkanomiya region. Version 2.5 is set to arrive on February 16, based on the title\’s established schedule, and various Genshin Impact Version 2.5 beta leaks tease additions like new character Yae Miko and new weekly boss Raiden Shogun.

On Twitter Genshin Impact recently announced that a special program will be held on Twitch on February 4, and it will be followed by an online concert. The stream will give players official details about the upcoming Version 2.5 while allowing the community to enjoy some beautiful music together. The stream will begin at 7am UTC-5, which converts to 2am Eastern Time or 11pm Pacific Standard Time. Like previous Genshin Impact special programs, the February 4 stream will come about two weeks before the launch of Version 2.5 on February 16.

While miHoYo is preparing to pull back the curtain on Genshin Impact\’s next update, fans are already looking forward to versions beyond 2.5. A future Genshin Impact Sumeru region update was potentially leaked recently, with the large expansion theorized to drop over the summer. The update, potentially Version 2.9 or even 3.0, is said to take players to the currently unseen nation of Sumeru and introduce characters who wield the natural Dendro element. Since the update is not expected to release for months, only time will tell if this particular leak turns out to be true.

By constantly updating Genshin Impact and maintaining a strict support schedule, miHoYo has managed to assemble a large and loyal fanbase within the beloved ARPG. Version 2.5 has been heavily rumored, but on February 4 players will learn the exact contents of the impending 2.5 update. An online concert is just icing on the cake, allowing the fanbase to enjoy some soothing melodies together as a community.

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