Genshin Impact Announces New Special Program, Coming This Weekend

Later this weekened, developer miHoYo will host a Genshin Impact Special Program all about the next major update, Version 2.4. Though miHoYo deployed the 2.3 update late last month, rumors and leaks about Genshin Impact Update 2.4 began swirling shortly thereafter, thanks in large part to beta sessions for the new content.

Some of the leaks in question point to the advent of a new chest type, a junk chest that will supposedly exist in the incoming Enkanomiya locale. According to beta testers, junk chests won\’t spawn in the same location as their previously existing counterparts. Other leaked bits of information point to the introduction of new hangout events for characters such as Ningguang And Yun Jin. Apparently, Shenhe\’s arrival as a playable hero will result in a character-based Story Quest. While miHoYo confirmed Yun Jin and Shenhe as playable, much about their debut, including the details featured above, presently remains under lock and key. It seems the development team will lift the veil in just a few short days, though.

In a recent Twitter post (via, miHoYo announced its next Special Program for Genshin Impact. Fans can tune in to the livestream this weekend on Sunday, December 26 at 7:00 AM UTC-5. According to the tweet, the forthcoming broadcast will finally feature an official showcase about the eagerly-anticipated Update 2.4, which, as of writing, still lacks a launch date. MiHoYo plans to host the Special Program on Genshin Impact\’s Twitch page. See the Twitter post from the studio in the tweet linked below:

In just a couple of days, players will have concrete answers about what\’s in store for Genshin Impact Version 2.4. Thus, all of the leaks will either be proven correct or inaccurate; precedent suggests the former is most likely, however.

MiHoYo released Genshin Impact on PC, PlayStation, and mobile platforms in September 2020, a launch that instantly took the world by storm. The excitement surrounding the online action-RPG has yet to slow, especially since the studio regularly supports the title with new updates big and small. There\’s one piece of news, in particular, that many continue to hold out hope for – a Nintendo Switch port. While miHoYo announced a Switch version ahead of the game\’s rollout last year, few updates on the matter have made the rounds since then.

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