Genshin Impact Announces Three Realms Gateway Event Times & Rewards

The free-to-play open-world game Genshin Impact will be hosting a new event in its 2.5 update, according to an official statement from developer HoYoVerse. The world-famous Japanese MMORPG has taken the world by storm over the past year, due in part to its live-service elements, limited-time offers, and regular gameplay tweaks and additions.

Anyone who has played Genshin Impact will likely be aware of the fact that things within the game don\’t remain the same for too long; the experience is constantly being altered and buttressed via new unlockable, content, playable characters, and in-game events. Genshin Impact is expected to expand its roster with a playable Dendro character soon, and the game is packed with the sorts of purchasable cosmetics and perks that one might expect from a free-to-play title. In addition to these microtransactions and DLCs, the game is kept alive by the inclusion of special events, a recent example being the Divine Ingenuity Event, which gave players the opportunity to design their own domain.

Genshin Impact isn\’t about to let the dust settle on this recent event, however, as HoYoVerse has just announced an upcoming event entitled \”Three Realms Gateway\” via the Genshin Impact Twitter account. Per HoYoVerse\’s statement, this event will come with a variety of new content and mission directives. Players will be able to take part in exclusive missions like \”Thousand Light Trials\” and \”Bunya Case\”, which will yield special rewards like the \”Crown of Insight\” and \”Oathsworn Eye.\” Players will also be able to earn the refining materials for these rewards. It should be noted that players will need to have an adventure rank of at least thirty to participate in these activities, in addition to having completed certain missions in Act 2. Like with many of the other limited-time in-game events in Genshin Impact, 2.5 players will not be able to unlock this exclusive content once the event is over. According to the official website, \”Update maintenance begins 2022/02/16 06:00 (UTC+8) and is estimated to take 5 hours.\”

As a loot-based game, Genshin Impact is kept alive by these sorts of special events and seasonal content. This is similar to other free-to-play games such as Warzone that need to stay refreshed with things like new maps, operators, and weapons to ensure that interest doesn\’t die down. If this Three Realms Gateway event in Genshin Impact 2.5 can shake things up sufficiently, then it will be sure to accomplish this goal. HoYoVerse assures players who do participate that they should \”Complete the Event exploration quests to obtain Primogems, Weapon Ascension Materials, and more.\”

Event-based live-service games aren\’t for everyone, but for those who do like these sorts of games, Genshin Impact seems like it could be a definitive entry. Indeed, most live-service games are competitive multiplayer titles, so Genshin Impact\’s focus on exploration and loot-collecting sets it apart in that regard. Hopefully, the game can stay interesting through this model.

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