Genshin Impact: Are Baizhu & Pantalone Related?

Genshin Impact Are Baizhu & Pantalone Related - Baizhu And Pantalone

Genshin Impact players were recently left wondering if the Ninth Harbinger Pantalone and Bubu Pharmacy owner Baizhu are related, due to the striking resemblance between the two. After Genshin Impact revealed its Eleven Fatui Harbingers in a recent trailer, fans have theorized that the similarities between Dendro Vision bearer Baizhu and the Ninth Fatui Harbinger are no coincidence and that the pair are related in some way.
Although the \”Winter Night\’s Lazzo\” teaser provided the first look at Pantalone, he is mentioned elsewhere in Genshin Impact, including Yelan\’s Character Stories and Tartaglia\’s Voice-Overs. Therefore, fans have been able to piece together information about the Ninth Fatui Harbinger, who goes by the codename \”Regrator\”. Pantalone is known to be the wealthiest of Genshin Impact\’s Fatui Harbingers and ruthless when it comes to accumulating wealth. Pantalone is responsible for managing Snezhnaya\’s economic policies, with the goal of making Snezhnaya \”the heart that pumps money all around the world.\”

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By contrast, Genshin Impact\’s Baizhu is the mild-mannered owner of Bubu Pharmacy, who has taken the zombie character Qiqi under his wing, caring for her as her guardian. Baizhu bears a Dendro Vision and is expected to become a Dendro-wielding playable character in Genshin Impact in the future, though his release date remains unknown. Many players hoped Baizhu would become playable along with the release of Dendro nation Sumeru in Genshin Impact\’s 3.0 update; however, recent trailers that revealed Sumeru\’s new characters did not include any appearances from Baizhu.

Genshin Impact: Are Pantalone And Baizhu The Same Person?

Genshin Impact Are Baizhu & Pantalone Related - Baizhu & Fatui Harbingers

Despite their extremely different personalities, Baizhu and Pantalone look remarkably similar, sharing identical facial features. The only difference between Pantalone and Baizhu\’s appearance is their hair color and their costumery, with Genshin Impact players quick to dub Pantalone as \”emo Baizhu\”. Some Genshin Impact fans were skeptical that the pair were connected, and instead, put the similarities between the two down to poor character design. However, the resemblance seems too uncanny to be a coincidence. The two most popular theories about the relationship between Baizhu and Pantalone are that the two Genshin Impact characters are either siblings – perhaps twins – or the same person.

The sibling theory explains the resemblance between the two, with Baizhu choosing the morally acceptably route and attaining a Dendro Vision in the process, whereas Pantalone chose to serve the Fatui, earning him a Delusion instead. Fans were quick to notice that the two characters have different voice actors, which could confirm that they are not the same person. The same person theory leans into the pair\’s physical similarities, suggesting that Pantalone is in fact Baizhu in disguise, infiltrating the Fatui.
Other Genshin Impact fans suggest that Pantalone is Baizhu\’s evil alter ego, mentioning Baizhu\’s ill-health as the potential motivator behind his actions. Fortunately, Genshin Impact players shouldn\’t have to wait much longer to find out how Baizhu and Pantalone are connected, as Genshin Impact\’s Eleven Fatui Harbingers are expected to play a significant role in the upcoming story, arriving with Genshin Impact\’s 3.0 update.

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