Genshin Impact Baizhu Cosplay Is Perfect Ahead Of Sumeru Update

Genshin Impact Sumeru Image with Baizhu

Genshin Impact\’s Dendro character Baizhu was brought to life by a popular cosplayer just weeks before the long-awaited release of the Dendro region Sumeru. Baizhu is already in HoYoverse\’s RPG and has become quite popular among fans. Although Baizhu has not yet been confirmed or denied as a playable character in Version 3.0, he is currently the only Dendro character (besides The Traveler) with whom players interact.
The exact release date of Version 3.0 hasn\’t been announced, but based on other release schedules fans are speculating that the update will happen on August 24. Genshin Impact Version 3.0\’s new characters Collei, Tighnari, Nilou and Cyno have delighted fans, especially since 2.8 only featured Shikanoin Heizou. There also will be several quest-exclusive NPCs within the rainforest/desert region of Sumeru, and presumably plenty of quests and additions to the storyline for The Traveler that players have been waiting for.

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Popular cosplayer 未岚RAN has recently added Baizhu to their portfolio and impressed Genshin Impact fans on Twitter. RAN is no stranger to Genshin cosplays and has previously cosplayed characters like Zhongli, Kazuha, and Heizou. All of the cosplays are very impressive and gain lots of attention on social media. From Baizhu\’s long green hair, glasses, and pet snake Changsheng, every single detail is included in the cosplay. Even the Dendro-themed jewelry and Vision are visible.

Genshin Impact Baizhu Cosplay Is Perfect For Version 3.0

Cosplay is welcome amongst Genshin Impact fans in general, with some Genshin characters being more popular with cosplayers and fans alike, and RAN\’s Baizhu post is very topical with the release of 3.0 just around the corner. Baizhu is still a little mysterious, with players only learning about him through quests and rumors throughout the Liyue region. Since he is a user of Dendro, more may be revealed about him in Version 3.0 as The Traveler travels around Sumeru. Little is known about Sumeru as of right now as well, and although some of the characters that will be released in the new update have been seen before in the Genshin Impact manga, the region of Sumeru is barely mentioned.

Although Sumeru and its characters have not yet been released, players are already farming Ascension materials for characters like Collei. While the Gacha system means that Tighnari, Nilou, and Cyno won\’t be playable by all players at first, leaks have led many to believe Collei will be given out for free when the Genshin Impact update drops later this month. It\’ll be interesting to see what all Sumeru has in store and how the storyline will progress for The Traveler.

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