Genshin Impact: Best Characters To Use Vermillion Hereafter Artifacts

Genshin Impact was recently added to patch 2.6, and one of the many things that have been added was the new zone The Chasm, along with two new Artifact sets: Echoes of an Offering and Vermillion Hereafter. Players can freely grind these Artifacts to upgrade their characters, but it may not be immediately clear who has the best synergy with them. Vermillion Hereafter\’s 4-piece effect is a niche one, yet it is very powerful when paired with the right character.

Vermillion Hereafter Artifacts can be obtained inside Genshin Impact\’s newest Domain: The Lost Valley. The Lost Valley is sealed behind a small puzzle in The Chasm, but once players figure it out, they can freely access it, as well as a Luxurious Chest beneath it. This Domain at the highest level contains only three Ruin-type enemies, which makes running it numerous times fairly easy and not as tedious as some other Domains.

The Vermillion Hereafter Artifact Set is yet another set that has +18% ATK as its 2-piece set bonus. However, its 4-piece set bonus is unique and not seen like any others yet in Genshin Impact. While it is somewhat wordy, it can be summarized like this: When a character uses their Elemental Burst, their ATK increases by 8% for 16 seconds. After that, every time the character loses HP, their ATK is increased by another 10%, up to a maximum of 40% (these stacks disappear when the character leaves the field). So, at max stacks plus the 2-piece bonus, this Artifact set in total will give the equipping character a 66% ATK bonus.

Genshin Impact: Xiao Is The Best User Of Vermillion Hereafter

Simply and realistically, the only character that can utilize the Vermillion Hereafter set to its maximum potential is Xiao. Currently, Xiao is the only character in Genshin Impact that has continuous HP drain as a part of his kit, meaning he can gain the bonus from the set easily and with no extra effort from the player. Xiao is a selfish DPS in Genshin Impact, meaning he is on-field for a large amount of time, which means that he can use the full stacked Artifact set and not lose the effect so quickly from swapping off the field a lot like many other DPS characters.

Xiao is also one of the characters in Genshin Impact that scales greatly with ATK% due to a variety of factors, like the large amount of damage bonus he receives from his Elemental Burst, Bane of All Evil, and his incredibly high base Attack stat (even higher than characters like Ganyu). Before Vermillion hereafter, the best Xiao build in Genshin Impact was to put two different 2-piece Artifact sets on him that provide the +18% ATK bonus, like Gladiator\’s Finale and Shimenawa\’s Reminiscence. And since Vermillion Hereafter provides an even greater ATK bonus that Xiao can obtain so easily due to his Elemental Burst, it has become Xiao\’s best-in-slot set.

While some players might be tempted to use Vermillion Hereafter on other characters since the ATK bonus is so large, the extra amount of effort a player would have to go through to get the max stacks would not be worth the bonus, and in cases like the Spiral Abyss, players would lose out on damage trying to get the stacks rather than use a different set that synergizes better. For example, Hu Tao drains HP from herself when she uses her Elemental Skill, but it is only one time on a long cooldown, about 15 seconds, so Hu Tao would take about an entire minute to gain the full effect of Vermillion Hereafter, while Xiao can obtain full stacks in a matter of seconds. Players could also just force their characters to take damage from enemies, but again, the damage boost is typically not worth the extra amount of effort players would have to go through. Some characters (again, like Hu Tao), do not even scale as well with ATK as Xiao does.

It is likely that HoYoverse will add more characters in the future that have HP draining as part of their kit like Xiao. Yet for now, Xiao is the only character that can fully utilize Vermillion Hereafter\’s effect. However, the Lost Valley Domain is a great Domain to grind Artifacts in Genshin Impact if players need the 2-piece bonus of either set since they are the same (like for Shenhe who uses two different ATK boosting sets), so the Domain is still a good use of Resin if players wish to farm it in Genshin Impact.

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