Genshin Impact: Best Characters To Use With Ayaka

The first half of Genshin Impact\’s 2.6 update is drawing to a close, meaning that the second half will begin soon, featuring Kamisato Ayaka on her first rerun Banner. Ayaka is a beloved character by the Genshin Impact community and a rerun for her has been greatly anticipated. She will be the only Featured Banner in the second half of patch 2.6, and her Banner will also feature the 4-star characters Sayu, Razor, and Rosaria.

Ayaka\’s first debut in Genshin Impact was in Version 2.0, as she was released alongside the Inazuma region. She was the second Inazuma character to be added to the game after Kaedehara Kazuha and was a massively anticipated character by the Genshin Impact player base. Considering her popularity, it\’s likely that a lot of players will be rolling for her once her rerun hits live servers.

Ayaka is a Cryo sword user that can deal a hefty amount of damage. She can infuse her attacks with Cryo using her Alternate Sprint, buff her own attacks and deal damage with her Elemental Skill, and deal massive damage with her Elemental Burst. Since Ayaka is Cryo in Genshin Impact, there are a lot of team compositions that she can fit into comfortably, and can play a role as either a sub-DPS or main DPS depending on the player\’s choice of team members.

Best Team Builds For Ayaka In Genshin Impact

Ayaka has synergy with a lot of members of Genshin Impact\’s cast, but there are definitely a few standouts when it comes to creating teams for her. For starters, Ayaka can fit almost any team that needs large bursts of Cryo damage, since she can fulfill the role of simply swapping onto the field to cast her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst to deal damage and apply Cryo. With this playstyle, Ayaka works well with her brother Kamisato Ayato to provide Freeze reactions, as well as almost any other on-field damage dealers like Razor for the Superconduct reaction and Ganyu to serve as a Cryo battery for her.

However, Ayaka also excels in the main DPS role. She has amazing synergy with Venti and the way that Venti\’s Elemental Burst works. Even though Venti\’s Burst pulls small enemies into the air, Ayaka\’s charged attacks, Elemental Skill, and Elemental Burst all have enough reach that she can still deal her full damage to any enemies caught in Venti\’s Burst. Venti can also utilize the Viridescent Venerer Artifact set to swirl Cryo and greatly increase Ayaka\’s damage. If the player does not have Venti, Ayaka also works very well with Kazuha, who can also swirl Cryo with the Viridescent Venerer set and provide Ayaka a Cryo damage bonus due to his Talents. Sucrose is also a solid Anemo option since she can swirl Cyro as well and pull enemies with her Elemental Burst for Ayaka to deal damage with all of her skills, similar to Venti.

Ayaka\’s Normal Attack animations are very quick, and since she can infuse her own Normal Attacks with Cryo, Ayaka pairs greatly with Xingqiu. Xingqiu\’s Elemental Burst applies a buff to the on-field character, causing Hydro swords to strike and apply Hydro to the enemy that the on-field character is using Normal Attacks on. This combination of Ayaka and Xingqiu itself creates an amazing Freeze team, with the quickness of Xingqiu\’s Burst and Ayaka\’s attacks to keep the enemy from dealing damage to the player. While Xingqiu, due to his Elemental Burst, might be the best, Ayaka also works well with other good Hydro appliers, like Sangonomiya Kokomi and Mona.

One of the newer characters added to Genshin Impact, Shenhe, also works great with Ayaka. Shenhe is a 5-star Cryo support whose role is to buff the Cryo damage that her team does. When Shenhe uses her Elemental Skill, it provides a buff to the party that when consumed greatly increases the damage done by the next few Cryo attacks. This buff applied to any of Ayaka\’s skills or attacks will increase her damage capability and will help her deal out some massive damage. And since Shenhe is Cryo in Genshin Impact, she can help with causing Freeze reactions and can help give Ayaka Cryo particles to recharge her Energy faster. Ayaka also works great with other Cryo batteries, like Kaeya, Diona, and Rosaria.

Since Ayaka is Cryo, she will have no issue fitting into almost any team build. Cryo is a very important element in Genshin Impact since it is needed for some of the best reactions in the game: Freeze and Melt. Ayaka\’s Alternate Sprint is also great for traversing over water, meaning that she is also a great candidate for exploration teams. No matter what kind of team a player puts Ayaka on, she is going to excel greatly in Genshin Impact.

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