Genshin Impact: Best F2P Team Comp For Yanfei

Yanfei F2P Team Comp Genshin Impact

Yanfei is a 4-star Pyro user in Genshin Impact, and she works well in a DPS role. The best team comps for Yanfei work to trigger Elemental Reactions and increase her DPS output; however, she can also be used as a support DPS if players need that role filled instead. For F2P team builds for Yanfei, there\’s thankfully a great option that utilizes only free characters.
Yanfei debuted in Genshin Impact 1.5, but she\’s expected to be featured on a Banner rerun as part of the upcoming – but delayed – Version 2.7 update. Although Yanfei isn\’t a F2P character herself, she works well with a number of free characters. The important part is finding characters that can boost her DMG output while also triggering Elemental Reactions like Melt and Vaporize to really bring the hurt to nearby foes.

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A F2P team comp for Yanfei in Genshin Impact should include another Pyro character in a support role. This is because there\’s a 25% ATK buff for having two Pyro characters in the party. This resonance bonus means Yanfei and other party members have their ATK stats boosted, which works out well for everyone on the team.

Genshin Impact F2P Yanfei Team Comp – Which Free Characters Are Best

Yanfei weaves a spell in the sunny countryside in Genshin.

For a F2P team comp for Yanfei, Xiangling works best as the additional Pyro character. She could be obtained in a variety of ways for free previously but is most commonly acquired by checking out the Spiral Abyss. Xiangling helps grant the resonance bonus of two Pyro users, but her Elemental Skill – Gouba – also helps Yanfei gather elemental energy.

Barbara also works well on a F2P Yanfei team, assuming players acquired her for free during the Genshin Impact Summertime Sparkle event. She can provide helpful heals to the party and her Hydro abilities against enemies means that Yanfei can then trigger Vaporize with any of her Pyro attacks and increase DMG. Meanwhile, Kaeya works well as a Cryo user on the F2P team, as he can Freeze enemies affected by Hydro, and Yanfei can also follow up on Cryo attacks with Pyro to trigger Melt.
Characters like Amber also use Pyro, but she\’s much weaker than Xiangling and isn\’t recommended for Yanfei\’s team comp. Likewise, a non-free character like Rosaria could work as a Cryo user if players don\’t want to use Kaeya. Free characters are somewhat rare in Genshin Impact, but many are good enough to make F2P team builds a viable option. There may be additional free characters added in soon, but for now, these are the best free characters to use with Yanfei in Genshin Impact.

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