Genshin Impact: Best F2P Team Comps For Arataki Itto

Genshin Impact Best F2P Team Comps For Arataki Itto Gorou Geo

Arataki Itto is a 5-star Geo character in Genshin Impact considered to be one of the game\’s most powerful Main DPS characters and is complemented by Geo-focused team compositions. It\’s rumored that Arataki Itto\’s Banner will be getting a rerun in Genshin Impact version 2.7, much to the delight of Genshin Impact players who weren\’t able to get Itto when his Banner debuted in December 2021. Arataki Itto was released alongside 4-star Geo character Gorou and the two characters have great synergy, making them ideal teammates.
Genshin Impact players who have Arataki Itto but don\’t have Gorou still have plenty of options for free-to-play team lineups. With Itto in the Main DPS role, the rest of the party needs to boost Itto\’s damage. Elemental Resonance is an easy way to accomplish this, occurring when a full party includes two characters of the same element. Elemental Resonance for Genshin Impact\’s Geo element is known as Enduring Rock, which increases shield strength by 15%, plus shielded characters will receive a 15% DMG buff. Additionally, dealing DMG to enemies while protected by a shield will decrease opponents\’ Geo RES by 20% for 15s.

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There are currently seven free Genshin Impact characters that players can obtain through leveling up in-game, two of which are Geo characters. The first is the Traveler, who can become attuned with Geo by interacting with a Statue of the Seven in Liyue, Teyvat\’s Geo region. Second is Noelle, a 4-star Geo character who wields a claymore and can provide shields to the party as well as healing. Noelle is guaranteed to Genshin Impact players upon completing their first 10 wish pull on the Beginner\’s Banner. Genshin Impact rewards players with Wishes for increasing their Adventure Rank and leveling up characters, so it shouldn\’t take new players too long to accumulate 10 wishes to procure Noelle.

Best F2P Teammates For Arataki Itto: Geo Elemental Resonance

Genshin Impact Best F2P Team Comps For Arataki Itto Noelle Traveler

The best true F2P team in Genshin Impact using Arataki Itto comprises:
Arataki Itto (Main DPS) – 5-star Geo character Itto is a top-tier, main DPS with powerful Geo attacks.Xiangling (Sub-DPS) – 4-star Pyro wielding Xiangling is the strongest DPS of Genshin Impact\’s free characters.Geo Traveler (Energy Battery)Genshin Impact\’s Geo attuned Traveler provides elemental energy recharge and Geo Resonance.Noelle (Shields/Healer) – 4-star Geo character Noelle provides shields to the party, plus healing.
The above team composition for Arataki Itto uses Genshin Impact\’s true, but few, free characters. If Genshin Impact players also own Gorou, he can be swapped in for the Geo Traveler to fulfill the Support role, boosting Itto\’s DMG while dealing Geo DMG of his own. Other Geo characters like Ningguang or Zhongli can take Noelle\’s place, providing shields to the party. If Noelle is swapped out, players may want to add another Healer. Xiangling can be easily substituted for Bennett, a 4-star Pyro character and excellent Support, who provides ATK buffs as well as healing.

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