Genshin Impact: Best F2P Team Comps For Raiden Shogun

Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun F2P teams Lisa Xiangling

The Raiden Shogun is probably Genshin Impact\’s most popular playable character, having the highest sales on both of her Banners. The Electro Archon is a satisfying fix of sub and main DPS, able to benefit her team in multiple ways. And since she also can fit into a variety of teams, it\’s worth noting that Raiden Shogun actually works great on a free-to-play (F2P) account, and goes well with several F2P characters.
Raiden Shogun is an Electro polearm user that was first debuted in Version 2.1 of Genshin Impact. Her Elemental Skill places a buff onto the active character that will deal Electro damage along with their attacks. This buff also helps the team recharge their Energy faster. Her Elemental Burst deals a large amount of damage to enemies around her and leaves her with greatly enhanced Normal and Charged attacks for the Burst\’s duration.

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The Electro Archon is an outstanding character in Genshin Impact and does not require other 5-stars on her team to excel in her damage output. She can benefit other teams by providing them with off-field damage and Energy Recharge or could play the role of main DPS on quick-swap teams, able to quickly proc many Elemental Reactions during the uptime of her Elemental Burst. Perhaps surprisingly, she works well with a lot of characters that are free in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Which Free Characters Work Best With Raiden Shogun

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A great thing about the Raiden Shogun is that she can work with a lot of Genshin Impact\’s characters. She can fill both a supportive and main-DPS role, making filling out teams for her simple, even with F2P teams. A great first candidate for a F2P Raiden Shogun team would be Xiangling, who can be obtained for free by completing floor 3 of the Spiral Abyss. Xiangling is a character that wants to consistently cast her Burst on cooldown, which in turn helps boost the Raiden Shogun\’s own Burst damage. With Xiangling\’s Burst on the field, the Raiden Shogun can attack during her Burst to consistently apply the Overload reaction, which will greatly increase the player\’s damage.

Another great F2P choice in Genshin Impact is Lisa and for a couple of reasons. Since Lisa is also Electro, the player will receive the Electro Resonance buff for their team, which funnels more Electro particles to keep the team casting their Bursts on cooldown. Lisa\’s Elemental Burst is a good source of off-field damage, and her level 70 passive Talent also has her Burst decrease enemies\’ DEF by 15%. This DEF drop is good, especially for stronger enemies, which will increase the entire team\’s damage. The Raiden Shogun can also help Lisa get her energy back, which is something that Lisa struggles with, which makes them a worthwhile pairing.

The Anemo Traveler in Genshin Impact can also fit into this team since the player can equip them with the Viridescent Venerer Artifact set to swirl both Pyro and Electro, and increase the damage both Elements deal. The Traveler\’s Elemental Skill can also keep enemies pulled inside Lisa\’s Burst, forcing the DEF drop on them. Barbara is a good alternative since she can be obtained for free at Adventure Rank 18 or higher after players have completed the quest \”A Long Shot.\” So instead of having a swirl support to increase damage, players can use Barbara for the healing, and she can even help apply Electro-charged and Vaporize on enemies as well with her own attacks.

While the Raiden Shogun is a powerful character, she also has strength in flexibility. The beauty of her is that players can try and pair her with anyone they have, and they will likely find success. Genshin Impact is a game all about experimentation with team building, so players shouldn\’t worry about testing the Raiden Shogun with everyone they\’ve got.

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