Genshin Impact: Best Heizou Build (Weapons, Artifacts, & Talents)

How To Build Heizou In Genshin Impact

Shikanoin Heizou, the new brawling detective from Inazuma, is a playable Anemo character in Genshin Impact featured in the rerun Banners for Kazuha and Klee — \”Leaves of the Wind\” and \”Sparkling Step. Naturally, many fans will want to pull this charming boxer for his aesthetic and personality, but some might wonder how this 4-star Anemo Catalyst user compares with the best existing Anemo support caster, Sucrose. The difference lies in the characters\’ playstyles in Geshin Impact. Sucrose is more versatile with her Elemental Skill and Burst, but Heizou is more of an on-field brawler, using his Normal Attacks and Skill on the frontline.

Accordingly, Genshin Impact fans are encouraged to consider whether they wish to build Heizou for his Swirling DMG enhanced by Elemental Mastery or a sub-DPS loadout geared toward dealing high CRIT and Swirl DMG. Maxing Elemental Mastery will require precise positioning in combat to ensure enemies receive maximum damage. However, a CRIT/DMG-focused build is more stable and is more effective for single-target damage. For the sake of simplicity, those looking for a more straightforward route are recommended to build Heizou as a CRIT sub-DPS. Nevertheless, the differences are minor and should not be a major concern.

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Starting with the best weapon for Heizou, players cannot go wrong with the Skyward Atlas in Genshin Impact, a 5-star Catalyst that bolsters ATK%, increases Elemental DMG Bonus, and possesses a passive that deals extra ATK DMG to enemies. While the Skyward Atlas is optimal, it should be noted that any 5-star weapon will pair well with Shikanoin Heizou, as they all should provide more than enough damage output for his kit.

How To Build Heizou In Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Best Heizou Build Weapons Artifacts and Talents

Alternatively, The Widsith is also an excellent 4-star option that offers bonus CRIT DMG and has a chance to grant Heizou with more ATK, Elemental DMG, or Elemental Mastery. Free-to-play users are advised to equip the Inazuman detective with the Mappa Mare, a craftable Catalyst that bolsters Elemental Mastery and Elemental DMG Bonus. Once Travelers have chosen a weapon for Heizou, the next step is to plan out which of his Talents should be given level-up priority. Because a large portion of Heizou\’s DPS derives from his Elemental Skill in Genshin Impact, maxing Heartstopper Strike should be first. Afterward, his Normal Attacks and Elemental Burst should be given equal importance.

Finally, the best Artifact Set for Heizou\’s build is undoubtedly Viridescent Venerer, the go-to Artifact collection for Anemo users. Of course, players get creative and use another Artifact Set, but Viridescent Venerer generally provides the most value for Anemo characters like Heizou in Genshin Impact. The stats players should be looking to acquire are ATK%, Anemo DMG, CRIT Rate, CRIT DMG, and Elemental Mastery.

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