Genshin Impact: Best Ways to Make Exploration Faster

A gigantic overworld map that keeps expanding means knowing how to explore faster in Genshin Impact is a must, especially for players with time constraints. Thankfully, developer miHoYo has implemented plenty of methods to speed up some of the game\’s more grindy elements, like collecting certain materials while following a route or chasing down enemies.

For those newer to the game, it might seem odd to want to speed up the exploration of a game world that\’s often praised for how aesthetically pleasing it is. There are also plenty of treasure chests and other collectibles scattered across the Genshin Impact overworld map, which means traversing through it at high speeds could result in missing some important items. That said, for veteran players or those with specific collection goals in mind, exploring faster in Genshin Impact can save minutes every day – and with a game that\’s designed to reward those who log-in daily, that can mean hours saved over a longer period of time.

While some methods of exploring faster in Genshin Impact are obvious, like using the glider to traverse stretches of the map in the air, there are many others that might not be known even by experienced players. Knowledge of how to move across the Genshin Impact map faster can only benefit Travelers, so it\’s also important to brush up on some of the newer techniques as characters get released and change the way teams can traverse Teyvat.

How to Explore Faster in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Sayu Elemental Skill

One of the best ways to explore faster in Genshin Impact is to use a character\’s skills to do so. In particular, Anemo characters tend to offer some of the most potent exploration abilities. Venti and Kazuha both have elemental skills that offer verticality, making getting over mountain faces or other obstacles easier and faster than climbing. Both of those characters are 5-stars, however, so not everyone may have them – which is where the 4-star Sayu comes in as a much more accessible option. Sayu\’s Elemental Skill, Yoohoo Art: Fuuin Dash, allows her to roll across the map at great speed. Pairing her with another Anemo character also reduces Stamina consumption for the whole team, making her a fixture of many exploration teams.

There are other ways to explore faster in Genshin Impact that aren\’t character-specific, too. The Red Feather Fan is a Gadget that can be obtained after hitting reputation level 5 in Inazuma, and its use boosts gliding speed by 30% for 30 seconds, making air travel significantly quicker. Finally, there\’s a non-character, non-Gadget method to move faster in Genshin Impact – bunny hopping. Basically, initiating the dash movement speed and then jumping once its reached, timing each landing with a jump that maintains momentum, can dramatically impact traversal speeds. This is especially useful in cities and in teams that don\’t have characters like Kazuha or Sayu, but also requires some practice to get down.

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