Genshin Impact beta tester fined $78,000 for leaked footage from the 2.5 update

Footage from an upcoming update of Genshin Impact has been leaked. A beta tester working on the upcoming version, that is the 2.5 update, of Genshin Impact shared unreleased data with his friend, who breached his confidence and leaked the footage, leading to the former getting heavily fined.

A post in the popular subreddit r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks revealed that the beta tester had revealed some footage from the upcoming update to his friend, who released it online. According to a statement on the subreddit, it has been revealed that he was involved in the development of the latest 2.5 update.

Genshin Impact tester fined: Details about the 2.5 update leak

All the updates of Genshin Impact have a beta phase which commences when the latest update is released. So, the upcoming update 2.5 had been pushed into the beta phase when update 2.4 launched. So, a beta tester from 2.5 showed in-game footage to his friend which has been leaked.

This debacle caught the attention of the fans when a statement from the “beta tester” was posted on Reddit. Also, a recent tweet from a credible source has confirmed that the beta tester has been identified through his UID and has been fined a hefty fee of $78,000. The beta tester has also received a permanent ban from the developers according to the tweet.

Genshin Impact Yae Miko character (Image via miHoYo)

The main concern for the games’ player base is what miHoYo will do to ensure protection from further leaks. Although, it is also interesting to note that this leak has generated a lot of attention for the update. Yae Miko, the character who was confirmed for the 2.5 update has gained tremendous popularity in the past few days due to the buzz around the game. 

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