Genshin Impact: Blooming Sands world quest guide and tips

Blooming Sands is a world quest in Genshin Impact found at Aaru village. However, if you visit Aaru village for the first time, the world quest icon will not show up on the mini-map. This does not mean that the quest is hidden. Actually, there is a pre-requisite that needs to be completed before the quest becomes accessible. The pre-requisite is Archon quest chapter III act IV. After completing Archon quest chapter III act IV, set the time to day and teleport to the Aaru village waypoint. 

How to unlock and complete Blooming Sands Quest in Genshin Impact

At the Aaru village waypoint, you will notice a world quest icon on the mini-map. Follow it and find an NPC called Raef standing on top of a small tower and talk to him. Raef will send you to an NPC called Azalai who’s standing in front of a cart to the east of Raef’s location.

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Talk to Azalai and he will give you an item called Raef’s Package. after obtaining it, return to Raef’s location and give it to him. After giving Raef his package, talk to him again. After talking to Raef, follow the marker and glide slightly downwards to find a place with some cacti in pots. Place the flower pot in the marked location. Nermin will show up and then talk to her. After talking to Nermin, return to Raef’s location and talk to him. This will end the quest.

Blooming Sands Quest Completion Rewards

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Sadly, this quest does not give any Primogems as rewards. The only kind of reward you will get from completing this quest is the 20 Sumeru Reputation exp. You will have to claim it by talking to Effendi at Sumeru city. That was all! It’s one of the shortest world quests in Sumeru and it only takes two minutes to complete.

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