Genshin Impact Celebrates Valentine's Day With Love-Themed Art

Love is in the air in Genshin Impact, or at least on social media, as developer and publisher HoYoverse celebrates Valentine’s Day by releasing a few love-themed artwork. Genshin Impact studio miHoYo announced a rebrand yesterday that unironically changed its name to HoYoverse, at least internationally. Like many companies that have announced a similarly-sounding rebrand or vertical, the reason behind the change in its name is due to HoYoverse’s plans to expand its portfolio beyond video game development.

There’s definitely a lot going on with Genshin Impact this month as it’s also rolling out its new 2.5 update this week that will introduce several in-game events for players to experience and earn rewards from. The new update is also finally adding the much-awaited Yae Miko as a playable character. The upcoming Electro Catalyst user will be the latest 5-star character to be added into the game and is actually only the second Electro Catalyst user in Genshin Impact after Lisa. Yae Miko will be featured in Genshin Impact’s 2.5 update banners along with a few other 4-star characters as is usually the case. Other characters, including Raiden Shogun and Sangonomiya Kokomi, will also be available during the latter portion of the update in their own rerun banner. Players who obtain Yae Miko will be able to utilize her in the patch’s new story quests and boss fights.

HoYoverse published three new artwork to celebrate Valentine’s Day on the Genshin Impact Twitter account. Each of the new illustrations feature one of Genshin Impact’s female characters. Namely, Eula, Jean, and Noelle, who are seemingly trying to give someone what looks like a box of chocolates. Just like last year, Genshin Impact doesn’t have an in-game event, like last month’s Lantern Rite festival with its fireworks designs, to celebrate Valentine’s day. The studio also just released Valentine’s-themed artwork featuring Ganyu and Keqing to celebrate the occasion in 2021.

In some countries, like Japan, Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a holiday when women give chocolates to their male counterparts. The holiday is then followed by White Day a month after when men then reciprocate the gesture. This tradition may be the inspiration for the artwork Genshin Impact has released to celebrate the occasion during the past couple of years. While the game doesn’t have any in-game Valentine’s events or challenges, players can instead take part in any of the events that the upcoming 2.5 update is launching, including the Genshin Impact’s Divine Ingenuity event.

The three new Genshin Impact artwork to celebrate Valentine’s Day will definitely please fans of Eula, Jean, and Noelle. And if this tradition continues throughout the next few years, it would be possible to see every female Genshin Impact character featured in Genshin Impact’s Valentine’s Day artwork.

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