Genshin Impact Character Demo Shows Shenhe In Action

The latest Character Demo for Genshin Impact showcases a closer look at the new playable character Shenhe in action. Rumors and speculation about Shenhe as a playable hero began making the rounds in September 2021, courtesy of leaks that sprouted up around the time of Version 2.1\’s release. Developer miHoYo confirmed the leaked details several weeks thereafter, exciting many a fan in the process.

Scheduled to arrive in Genshin Impact Update 2.4, Shenhe is a polearm-wielding Cryo character who\’s earned the title of \”ferocious\” warrior. Shenhe\’s incredible power coupled with her irascible nature means staying on her good side should remain a priority for all in close proximity, especially since she can easily demolish surrounding areas when anger strikes. Her backstory is nothing short of fascinating, too, as ties to a clan of exorcists prove pivotal to Shenhe\’s journey, thus far. And the newest look at the character in action has only increased the excitement for her imminent release.

Yesterday, January 3, miHoYo unleashed \”Shenhe: Crame in the Wild,\” a Character Demo showcasing Shenhe\’s wide array of combat abilities. The new trailer was bookended by heartwarming scenes between Chongyun and Shenhe, as well. One such scene at the tail end of the trailer results in Chongyun realizing that Shenhe is his aunt, a bit of character history that will more than likely receive further exploration in future content. Get a glimpse at Shenhe in the Character Demo video linked below:

As previously mentioned, Shenhe will join the roster in Genshin Impact Update 2.4, which goes live across all platforms on Wednesday, January 5. Tomorrow\’s set of changes will additionally introduce Enkanomiya, a new locale with a day-night cycle, fresh challenges, previously unseen boss encounters, and another chest type.

Such a release comes on the heels of leaks concerning Version 2.5, content which presently lacks official details from miHoYo. The leaked information hit the airwaves late last month, suggesting that Yae Miko and Kamisato Ayato will enter the mix as playable characters once Update 2.5 rolls around. This particular rumor holds some semblance of truth, given that miHoYo itself recently confirmed Yae Miko will be playable. While this could count as an early tease for Update 2.5, the developer hasn\’t shared much in the way of specifics.

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