Genshin Impact Character Leaks: Yelan's Talents, Constellations, & More

Genshin Impact Version 2.7 will feature Yelan as the newest 5-star promotional character in the game, which players will have the opportunity to pull for during the upcoming Banner. The Version 2.7 closed beta went live shortly after the recent 2.6 update, resulting in several leaks of Yelan\’s Talents and Constellations being shared online. Despite receiving mixed reviews about Yelan\’s leaked performance, many gamers are still eagerly anticipating her release date in Genshin Impact.

Yelan is a mysterious character who works at the Ministry of Civil Affairs in Liyue, a government organization branch under the Liyue Qixing. She made a brief appearance in the \”First Miasmic Contact\” quest in Genshin Impact and appears to be exploring The Chasm for unknown reasons. According to several other characters in Liyue, Yelan is a very reliable individual but is a complex person to interact with.

Yelan will be the second character in the game who uses a bow in battle while wielding a Hydro Vision, with Tartaglia of the Fatui being the first. According to Genshin Impact leaks, Yelan will be a strong Sub-DPS character who heavily relies on her Elemental Skill and Burst Talents. Her Elemental Burst specifically is great for infusing Hydro status to enemies, making Yelan a powerful ally to use for Hydro-focused Elemental Reactions in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Yelan\’s Talents Explained

Yelan\’s Normal Attack Talent, called the Stealthy Bowshot, has her performing 4 consecutive shots with her bow. Her Charged Attack switches her into an aiming position and can fire a Hydro arrow at enemies. She has a unique ability called Breakthrough where Yelan\’s next Charged Shot will take 80% less charged time and can deal Hydro AOE damage based on her Max HP. The ability can only activate when Yelan is out of combat for 5 seconds. Her Plunge Attack is an aerial strike that fires several arrows in mid-air and will deal damage to surrounding enemies when she strikes the ground.

Yelan\’s Elemental Skill is known as Lingering Lifeline and has a Tap or Hold function similar to many other characters in Genshin Impact. The ability has Yelan moving at quick speeds, marking enemies with Lifelines that will explode, dealing AOE Hydro damage based on her Max HP once she stops sprinting. Holding the skill will allow Yelan to continue her movements for a longer duration and will have an added effect of granting her a 34% chance to reset her Breakthrough ability for each Lifeline that explodes.

Death-Clarion Dice is Yelan\’s Elemental Burst where she unleashes an AoE attack that deals Hydro damage to the surrounding area while also creating an Exquisite Throw that will follow the active character around in battle. The Exquisite Throw will deal Hydro damage to enemies whenever a character uses a Normal Attack or when Yelan\’s Lifeline ability explodes. Damage from the skill will scale off of Her Max HP. The Talent is very similar to Xingqiu\’s Elemental Burst in Genshin Impact, making the skill an excellent way for players to trigger Hydro reactions.

Genshin Impact: Yelan\’s Ascension & Talent Materials

In order to level up and ascend Yelan, players will need to search for the Starconch seashells located throughout the beach areas in Liyue. She also requires several Recruit\’s Insignia, Sergeant\’s Insignia, and Lieutenant\’s Insigna, which can be obtained by defeating Fatui enemies within the open world. The Varunada Lazurite stones can be obtained by defeating either the Oceanids or Hydro Hypostases world bosses, but gamers can craft the materials if necessary. The final Ascension material required is the Runic Fangs, which can only be farmed by defeating the Ruin Serpent located in the Chasm\’s Serpent\’s Cave in Genshin Impact.

Yelan\’s Talents require the Prosperity materials to level up and like her Ascension requirements, she will also need the Insignia materials dropped by the Fatui enemies. If players intend to level her Talents beyond level 6, the Gilded Scale is needed and can be obtained once a week by defeating the dragon Azhdaha. Gamers should also consider saving several million Mora because maxing Yelan\’s level and Talents can be costly.

Genshin Impact: Yelan\’s Passive Talents & Constellations

Yelan\’s Lengthy Consideration skill will grant players an additional 25% more rewards when she\’s dispatched on Liyue expeditions. The passive Talent is identical to Shenhe\’s skill in Genshin Impact and will help players obtain more resources through expeditions. Yelan\’s passive Talent Turn Control will increase her Max HP based on the different types of elements within a party. Her HP will increase by 6% if there\’s only one element type, 12% if there are two, 18% for three different types, and 30% if the party has four different elements. Adapt With Ease will increase the active character\’s damage by 1% and will further boost the damage by 3.5% every second, offering a maximum of 50% increased damage as long as Yelan\’s Exquisite Throw skill is active.

Yelan\’s Constellation level 1, called Enter the Plotters, gives her an additional charge toward her Elemental Skill, similar to skills like Sucrose, Xiao, and Yae Miko in Genshin Impact. At Constellation 2, Yelan\’s Exquisite Throw will fire an additional Hydro arrow once every 1.6 seconds, which deals damage based on 12% of her Max HP whenever the Exquisite Throw initiates an attack. Constellation 3 will increase her Elemental Burst Talent\’s level by 3.

Bait-and-Switch is Yelan\’s 4th Constellation, which increases all allies\’ Max HP by 10% for 25 seconds when enemies marked by her Lifeline skill explodes. The ability will only grant a maximum of 40% HP boost and will synergize well with her own Talents and with characters that rely on HP stats, especially healers like Barbara or Kokomi in Genshin Impact. Beware the Tricker\’s Dice will increase Yelan\’s Elemental Skill level by 3. Her final Constellation, Winner Takes All, puts Yelan into a Mastermind state after using her Elemental Burst where all her Normal Attacks will gain the breakthrough ability. All Breakthrough damage will be considered Charged Attack, which will deal 130% of its Normal damage. Winner Takes All will have a 20-second time limit or when Yelan fires 6 arrows.

Genshin Impact: Yelan\’s Expected Release Date

Despite Yelan\’s Talents being leaked online, players should keep in mind that her stats and abilities aren\’t official yet. HoYoverse could make adjustments to her performance before her official release. In rare cases, a character\’s abilities can be changed even after release, like Zhongli in Genshin Impact. Gamers planning to pull for Yelan should also consider farming for her materials as her release is near.

HoYoverse has not made any official announcements regarding the release of Genshin Impact\’s Version 2.7. If the game continues its 6-week release schedule for every update, players should expect the 2.7 patch on May 11, 2022. Yelan\’s Banner will likely be released during the first part of the update along with the 4-star Shinobu. As for returning character Banners, no information has been revealed yet.

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