Genshin Impact Character Trailer Shows Why Everyone Loves Yae Miko

A brand-new character trailer for Genshin Impact focuses on the upcoming 5-star Electro user Yae Miko. The already beloved figure was introduced to miHoYo\’s action role-playing game as a non-player character back in July 2021. However, Genshin Impact will add Yae Miko as a playable character in Version 2.5, which is set to launch on February 16.

Like many Genshin Impact characters, Yae Miko has an extensive backstory which ties her to many of the ARPG\’s characters, locations and themes. Miko serves as the head of the Grand Narukami Shrine, a religious organization worshipped throughout the archipelago of Inazuma. While she performs these duties with a mysterious demeanor, Yae Miko is much more friendly while serving as the owner of the Yae Publishing House. Yae Miko was introduced as a quest giver in Genshin Impact\’s 2.0 update, and she is set to play another essential role in the storyline of the next Version. Genshin Impact 2.5\’s story quests are said to focus on both Yae Miko as a new playable character and Raiden Shogun as a new weekly boss encounter.

To commemorate the upcoming launch of Version 2.5, Genshin Impact has revealed new information about Yae Miko. The blog post details the character\’s personality and abilities, with the Catalyst-wielding Electro user leaving Session Sakura behind as she moves across the battlefield. These being can strike nearby enemies with electricity, and her Great Secret Art summons a massive lightning bolt to fry her foes. A new Character Teaser, posted to YouTube by Genshin Impact, also displays Yae Miko\’s love for food and literature while revealing other characters\’ opinions of her. Some characters find Yae Miko scary or manipulative, most hold her in high regard as an editor and shrine maiden.

Even before Yae Miko\’s addition as a playable character, Genshin Impact fans have been drawn to her design and personality. Genshin Impact fan art of Yae Miko, revealed to honor her impending release as a playable character, is a perfect example of the playerbase\’s attachment to the memorable maiden. With Miko soon joining Genshin Impact\’s large roster, bringing her own powers and style to combat, her popularity is bound to increase even further.

To prepare for Version 2.5, miHoYo has given Genshin Impact fans a thorough breakdown of Yae Miko\’s abilities and personality. The shrine maiden is said to be no-nonsense in her religious service, but she also appears to be warm and friendly when conducting her more casual duties. Unique abilities will make Yae Miko a powerful force on the battlefield, ensuring that the Electro user maintains a strong following when she arrives on February 16.

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