Genshin Impact Characters Arrive In ACNH With Custom Outfit Designs

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons players used in-game tools to design custom outfits modeled after some of their favorite Genshin Impact characters. The custom design options in Animal Crossing: New Horizons have served as the main draw for many a player since the game\’s launch in March 2020. Over time, the custom design suite even managed to improve, thanks to post-launch updates that introduced more clothing and decoration features for users to make the most of in their own creations.

The fifth mainline entry in the long-running social simulation series, Animal Crossing: New Horizons hit digital stores and retailers for Nintendo Switch nearly two years ago. Yet, its player-base remains as engaged as ever. The title received a notable breath of fresh air late last year, once Nintendo deployed Update 2.0 – the final major patch – and ACNH\’s Happy Home Paradise DLC. In the absence of more updates of consequence, players have doubled down on finding new ways to make their own fun. Some fans choose to do so by bringing other worlds to the New Horizons Island.

Reddit user blehberries (via Genshin Update/Twitter) used Animal Crossing: New Horizons\’ baked-in tools to create custom-made Genshin Impact character outfits. Blehberries designed 20 different costumes in total, including editions inspired by heroes that hail from the free-to-play role-playing game\’s popular Liyue, Dragonspire, and Inazuma locations. The user also shared design codes for each batch of costumes, which feature in the link below courtesy of the Genshin Update Twitter account.

Blehberries\’ incredible work will no doubt serve as a boon for many an Animal Crossing: New Horizons players, especially since it seems Genshin Impact\’s long-awaited Nintendo Switch release won\’t arrive anytime in the near future. Plus, each of the characters featured in the above designs are adorned with impeccable details that truly capture the spirit of their Genshin Impact counterparts. This marks one set of custom designs that many will want to use for themselves.

Developer HoYoverse (formerly known as miHoYo) released Genshin Impact to widespread acclaim in September 2020 on PC, PS4, and mobile devices. The free-to-play action-RPG quickly garnered millions of downloads, securing itself a spot as one of the biggest games of the year. It even managed to earn an astounding $400 million on Android and iOS alone within two months of its market debut. HoYoverse\’s ongoing support with regular Genshin Impact updates, the most recent of which launched last week, suggests the title is here to stay long-term.

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