Genshin Impact Characters Birthday list 2022 and what happens on birthdays

Genshin Impact has a wide range of characters that can be manipulated in a number of ways, from the abilities they use to the weapons they use, to their elemental synergy. If players unlock different characters for their teams, their experiences will be very different. The following list compiles all the available information on the birthday of all playable characters in Genshin Impact, updated for the year 2022.

On the listed dates, you will receive a birthday message from each character as well as an item associated with their personality and some level-up material. Every time a character’s birthday is celebrated in Genshin Impact, players receive a free reward through the in-game mail. It usually includes a dish and something associated with the character’s ascension. Therefore, Genshin Impact players around the world are always thrilled to celebrate their favorite characters’ birthdays.

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In games like Genshin Impact, it is not unusual for players to receive a birthday gift on their special day. With Genshin Impact, players can also celebrate the birthdays of their collectible playable characters. They can earn rewards on the birthday of specific Genshin characters, whether they have acquired them yet or not.

Genshin Impact Character Birthday list 2022

Here is the full list of the known Genshin Impact playable characters, as well as their known birthdays and regions to which they belong.

Character Birthday Region
Albedo 13th September Mondstadt
Amber 10th August Mondstadt
Ayaka 28th September Inazuma
Barbara 5th July Mondstadt
Beidou 14th February Liyue
Bennett 29th February Mondstadt
Chongyun 7th September Liyue
Diluc 30th April Mondstadt
Diona 18th January Mondstadt
Eula 25th October Mondstadt
Fishcl 27th May Mondstadt
Ganyu 2nd December Liyue
Hu Tao 15th July Liyue
Jean 14th March Mondstadt
Kaeya 30th November Mondstadt
Kazuha 29th October Inazuma
Keqing 20th November Liyue
Klee 27th July Mondstadt
Lisa 16th August Mondstadt
Mona 31th August Mondstadt
Ningguang 26th August Liyue
Noelle 21st March Mondstadt
Qiqi 3rd March Liyue
Razor 9th September Mondstadt
Rosaria 24th January Mondstadt
Sayu 19th October Inazuma
Sucrose 26th November Mondstadt
Tartaglia 20th July Snezhnaya
Thoma 9th January Inazuma
Traveler Player’s Birthday Unknown
Venti 16th June Mondstadt
Xiangling 2nd November Liyue
Xiao 17th April Liyue
Xingqiu 9th October Liyue
Xinyan 16th October Liyue
Yanfei 28th July Liyue
Yoimiya 21st June Inazuma
Zhongli 31st December Liyue

Birthday Gifts for Players

The majority of the rewards received by players are level-up items. These items can also be gained as drops after completing Domains and Dungeons on the listed days of the week. But who would not want free level-up items without any effort? Moreover, if the player does not have a character, but still receives the character’s birthday rewards, it may not be a complete loss. 

Go for the birthday of Xiangling, 2nd November. Even if you do not have Xiangling, players get rewards as 10 Slime Secretions & a Character Ascension item. This reward can be used for other Genshin Impact characters namely Venti, Lisa, Zhongli, and several ascending weapons.

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As a way to reward players with Genshin Impact since the game’s launch, it’s still unclear if the rewards will remain the same year after year. The birthday system may need to be modified once more characters are added to Genshin Impact. All in all, it comes across as a nice way to reward players for their loyalty & encourage them to play the game on a regular basis. We will continue to revise this guide according to every new update in Genshin Impact that adds new playable characters.

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