Genshin Impact Characters Denied Obvious Unlockable Outfits

Besides the actual gacha system, purchasable character skins are another highly desirable feature among Genshin Impact fans. With 3 available in the shop, Ningguang\’s 2.4 Skin rewarded for free, and another 4 outfits also sent out for free, it becomes a question of which other characters will get their respective special skin next. Considering the unlikeliness that all characters will get their own alternate outfits, there are some characters that deserve them more than others. Here are some characters that are denied obvious skins.

It goes without saying that the three current Archons should have their own special skin. Their default outfits are more casual and meant for them to blend in with society. However, knowing that they are Archons of their respective region, there should be something that shows it. This is especially true when players manage to pull them through the gacha system. All current playable Genshin Impact Archons are powerful top-tier characters, and having a special alternative outfit would really make them feel like deities. After completing the Archon chapter, their godlike outfits should be available. Venti, Zhongli, and Raiden are all able to change their vessels\’ appearances, which further adds to their divineness.

Furthermore, a version of Raiden will become the new weekly boss in Genshin Impact 2.5. Her boss skin should be available for players. It is especially exciting when characters use their Elemental Bursts with such an extravagant outfit. There\’s a sense of pride and power when seeing an Archon perform their Elemental Burst, and with their \”antagonistic outfit,\” that paradox will become a satisfying new experience. Raiden Shogun\’s Elemental Burst animation is electrifying, and having Raiden Shogun\’s new look in Genshin Impact 2.5 will take things even further.


Mondstadt Genshin Impact Characters That Deserve New Outfits

Many characters from Mondstadt should have alternate outfits. Mondstadt is based on real-world Germany/Holland, but there just aren\’t any characters with traditional German or Dutch clothing. Many players expressed their dissatisfaction with Mondstadt characters for not having any traditional designs like their Liyue and Inazuma counterparts. Liyue and Inazuma characters are able to show off their culture. Liyue characters tend to have traditional Chinese buttons and embroidery. Inazuma characters wear kimonos, samurai armor, or traditional Japanese sandals. Ironically, the Mondstadt NPCs are dressed more traditionally than the playable characters.

Klee was the highlight and main character of the Golden Apple Archipelago Event during Genshin Impact 1.6. Klee, one of the best Genshin Impact Pyro characters, was also the promotional character during that time, so it makes perfect sense for her to also have a summer skin. A beachy outfit may not fit her character model, but a fun breezy summer dress should do the trick. Her Dodoco bunny is important to her, so embedding that into her new skin would be a meticulous detail that fans would greatly admire.

Genshin Impact\’s Fischl constantly refers to herself as the \”Prinzessin der Verurteilung.\” The bird wings details hanging from her back waist pairs perfectly well with her Night Raven, Oz. However, miHoYo could do more with her design because her outfit does not seem very princess-like. Despite remaining as one of Genshin Impact\’s best Electro characters, Fischl\’s current appearance does not seem to be noteworthy. Perhaps she could get a skin that proves her royalty. Some sort of tiered gown with a tiara could make her really seem like someone with nobility. Otherwise, her self-proclaimed title as \”princess\” would not reach anyone\’s ears besides her own.

Knights of Favonius\’ chief alchemist Albedo should also have an alternate outfit. He spends a lot of his time in the freezing mountains of Dragonspine, so he should have a special skin for the cold weather. Adding a coat, hat, and gloves all made of fur would make him seem more suited to the cold region. Even further is to have Albedo wear some sort of painter\’s outfit, considering how much he paints. A paint-splattered apron, either simple or extraordinary, will let this alchemist enjoy his favorite hobby. Albedo\’s backstory in Genshin Impact also further proves his need for something magnificent, considering his remarkable birth.

Genshin Impact Characters In Liyue That Should Have New Skins

Similarly to Albedo, Xiangling should have a chef outfit. Players are immediately aware of her cooking talent when they first meet her in Genshin Impact. Xiangling should have a fun chef outfit and hat to show off her culinary skills. Xiangling loves her spicy food so a funky pepper pattern would definitely celebrate her taste for strange but delicious cuisine.

Yun Jin is an amazing opera singer. Her facial features is reminiscent of traditional Beijing opera makeup, such as the red shadowing and dark eyeliner. However, her slightly Lolita-style dress says otherwise. It would be suitable for Yun Jin to have a full-on traditional Beijing opera dress, including the headdress. Genshin Impact\’s Yun Jin, available for free during the 2.4 Lantern Rite, performs her iconic play, but her current design takes the viewer out of the mood.

Tartaglia holds a Hydro Vision, but his Delusion allows him to use Electro. This allows him to attack at ultra-fast speeds during his battle as an enemy. His outfit remains the same, but the colors change to reflect his darker side. What was a gray jacket and pants turns into a black and red combination. More importantly, his mask is worn on his face, unlike on the side of his head where his default outfit is. He remains to be the only user to have both ranged and melee attacks, and in accordance to Tartaglia\’s powerful backstory and lore, he had no problem utilizing the Electro Delusion. He should reflect that uniqueness through his Electro skin. Even further is having both his Vision and weapon color turn purple, but remain the same Hydro element.

Like Raiden Shogun, Tartaglia should also have his boss outfit available. The purple galaxy details of his cape is beautiful and feels completely different than his default cape. The costume looks like it abandons everything that makes him human, and instead turns him into a somewhat ferocious beast. It would definitely be interesting to see him wear this outfit when casting his Elemental Burst. Along with his sadistic voice lines when casting such skills, the skin will really make sound sinister. Tartaglia\’s boss skin will fit his role as a Fatui perfectly, and with some fan opinions that future Genshin Impact Fatui characters should not be playable, Tartaglia will shine as the only and sole playable Fatui harbinger.

Aether & Lumine Should Have The Most Outfit Options In Genshin Impact

Last, but probably the most important, would be the Genshin Impact protagonists Aether and Lumine. Aether and Lumine are supposed to be self-insert protagonists, but it doesn\’t quite feel so personal if everyone looks the same. Having different skins for them would really make them shine, considering how important they are to the main storyline. The Traveler is meant to have exotic clothing that lets people know that they\’re not from Teyvat. However, with how much time they spend in Teyvat by fulfilling other character\’s requests, it would make sense for them to buy local clothing for them to fit in. It\’s easy to forget that the story is about them because they barely have any speaking lines or that Paimon, who may not be the Traveler\’s friend, seems to do all the talking for them.

They should be having the most skin options to commemorate their long arduous journey of reuniting with their twin sibling. They are able to wield all elements, so their clothes should reflect that, not just mere coloring on some of their accessories. Ideally, they should have clothes from every region for every element, with the players\’ choice for their skin and hair color. Additionally, there should be outfits based on the major in-game events such as Lantern Rite or the Windblume festival.

There are so many playable characters in Genshin Impact, and the list will only grow as more and more regions are released. Eventually, character designs will be repeated, and the need for new outfits and weapon types in Genshin Impact will become more prevalent. Unlockable outfits will give players more incentive to participate in events and grind their Adventure Rank level. Having unique skins will become more important as time goes on. This is so every character can feel like different individuals, rather than like a character that has retired after a new one gets released.

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