Genshin Impact Characters Most Deserving Of Buffs

Genshin Impact will continue to release characters throughout its lifetime, but this sometimes causes older characters to be left behind. Older characters struggle to keep up with the increasingly powerful characters that continue to be added to Genshin Impact. This results in some of Genshin Impact\’s cast being in real need of buffs, and a few are quite deserving of them as well.

The content of Genshin Impact continues to get more difficult; enemies hit harder, have more HP, and are given new mechanics, like corrosion being added to Rifthounds. On the other side of the coin, new Genshin Impact characters are often released stronger than others in order to be able to keep up with these added mechanics. This cycle leaves older characters behind because they were not designed to combat these newer, stronger enemies. This can result in older characters being unused and removed from teams altogether, and it\’s made quite a few of the oldest ones seem completely unnecessary now – which is why these Genshin Impact characters need buffs so badly.

HoYoverse has a history of avoiding buffs for characters that need them and has simply been adding new artifact sets to help characters that were not as strong as they hoped on release. Characters like Albedo, Qiqi, and Kokomi have had recent sets be released that have been of great help to increase their power, but not all characters have received this treatment, and it may not even be an effective strategy for all characters. It would be most beneficial to see some Genshin Impact characters get some help with their numbers.

Starter Character Amber Is Underwhelming In Genshin Impact

Amber is probably the most infamous character in Genshin Impact for how needed and deserving she is of buffs. To simply put, her damage is incredibly low in comparison with other Pyro damage dealers, which makes her a much less appealing option for teams when there are other stronger options out there, like Hu Tao, Yoimiya, Diluc, and even Yanfei. And even though Amber can provide some Pyro support like with the taunt from her Baron Bunny and the AoE damage from her Burst, neither of these things make up for her lackluster damage. Amber\’s Elemental Burst only lasts for 2 seconds, which is extremely short, especially in comparison to someone like Ganyu who has a similar Burst, but lasts much longer and deals much more damage.

Even Amber\’s Constellations aren\’t very beneficial. Even though her Constellation 6 (C6) talent can buff her teammates, the rest do not add much to her damage potential. Making Amber\’s Constellations more desirable could aid her, but Amber mostly just needs help with her damage numbers. Increasing the scaling on her Elemental Skill, as well as the duration and scaling of her Burst would benefit Amber greatly, and would likely help her fit back into some teams.

Genshin Impact\’s Lisa Struggles With Energy

Lisa is without a doubt a beloved character of Genshin Impact, but her playstyle and the numbers of her kit leave a little to be desired. While Lisa can find a spot on Superconduct teams, helping be support for physical damage dealers like Eula and Razor, her own damage output usually results in other characters taking her spot. Lisa\’s second Passive Talent that reduces enemies\’ DEF by 15% when hit by her Burst is a good one, but her other struggles make other characters more desirable on physical teams.

Lisa is a character in Genshin Impact who really struggles with Energy. Her Elemental Burst has one of the highest costs in the game at 80 Energy, and her Elemental Skill struggles to generate the Energy that she needs to be an Electro sub-DPS. This results in Lisa needing a lot of Energy Recharge, on either her weapon or her Artifacts. The somewhat new free-to-play 4-star catalyst, the Oathsworn Eye, does help Lisa with this a bit due to its unique passive, but she still continues to struggle with Energy Recharge. Lowering the cost of Lisa\’s Burst would be of great benefit to her, and might even help her keep a solid spot in those Superconduct teams.

Keqing Could Use A Bit Of Love In A Genshin Impact Update

Keqing is by no means a bad or weak character, but she is one of the lesser-used 5-star characters in Genshin Impact and is one of the 5-star DPS characters with the lowest damage outputs. She has strength in her versatility, being able to build as either an Electro or physical DPS, but she falls behind other damage-dealing characters of either build, especially after the release of Eula and the Raiden Shogun. Even though Keqing is fun to play and build, she could also use a buff to her numbers.

There have been rumors floating around that a new Electro Artifact set will be released in Genshin Impact in the future, but this is unconfirmed and would only benefit one of Keqing\’s possible playstyles, and leave her physical one behind. Her Burst cost is extremely low, only needing 40 Energy, but the scaling of both her Skill and Burst and maybe even her Attacks could be bumped up a bit so that Keqing can compete damage-wise with newer 5-star characters. If Keqing was buffed, even just a little, she would likely see a lot more play in Genshin Impact. This would make one of the favorites from earlier content more important once again – and allow players to better use her on a team.

Even though introducing Artifact sets tailored for specific characters is a good step in the right direction for the game\’s balance, the characters in Genshin Impact will remain unbalanced unless some of the game\’s characters can get some buffs to their numbers. The charm of Genshin Impact is in its team-building, and being unable to use a beloved character because other ones are simply so much better can be disheartening. Hopefully, a lot of older characters will be receiving love from HoYoverse in the future.

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