Genshin Impact Characters Who Deserve A Story Quest

Genshin Impact has a lot of characters, many of whom players don’t know a lot about. While some characters are fleshed out a bit more during the Archon Quests, it usually takes either a Hangout Event or a Story Quest to truly explore who these characters are. There are quite a few characters in the game that would benefit from a Story Quest, though.

Genshin Impact is a fairly character-focused game with the emphasis usually being on their skill sets and abilities. And while the combat of the game is fantastic, it is the story that truly makes it unique. The world of Teyvat is vast and lively, which means that there are a lot of stories to tell. With the number of characters that are added to Genshin Impact, it can be difficult to keep up with who everyone is and why they are important.

Including more Story Quests would allow each character to shine in their own right while also providing entertaining content in between big updates. During the Archon Quests, players don’t get a lot of time to spend with each character, even those who are vital to the story. Each character in Genshin Impact is unique and has their own backstory, which deserves to be shown in Story Quests rather than just in side quests or even Hangouts.

Genshin Impact’s Ningguang Deserves A Story Quest

Ningguang in Genshin Impact is one of the rulers of Liyue and plays an incredibly important role in Liyue’s Archon Quest. It is strange, then, that even though she is so important to the game’s story, players don’t actually get to spend any time with her. There is a brief moment where the player ascends to the Jade Chamber and has a short conversation with Ningguang, but they don’t get any real information about her as a character. While Ningguang is certainly meant to be mysterious (and questionable) during the Archon Quest, at this point, she deserves more attention.

A Story Quest for Ningguang could center around her quest to rebuild the Jade Chamber. Her desire to do so has already been mentioned in the game by quite a few NPCs in Liyue Harbor, so Genshin Impact should definitely show it. The player could aid her by getting her the supplies she needs. The Story Quest could also show a little of what Ningguang’s day-to-day is like with how she navigates Liyue’s political scene. Ningguang may be a mysterious character, but there is certainly so much more to learn about her through her own Story Quest.

Genshin Impact’s Beidou Needs A Story Quest

Captain Beidou is another fantastic Liyue character that hasn’t gotten enough attention. Fortunately, during Genshin Impact’s 2.3 livestream, it was announced that she will be getting her own Hangout Event. And while that is great news, this character still deserves her own Story Quest. Beidou has quite the backstory and a number of adventures that are almost fantastical. As the Captain of the Crux Fleet, there is so much to explore with Beidou that makes her own Story Quest a must.

Beidou’s Story Quest could go in a number of directions. The player could simply join her on an adventure across the sea. As a pirate, Beidou has certainly ruffled a few feathers, so the player could help her deal with past enemies or rivals. Beidou is known for battling huge monsters, which would also make for a great questline. But beyond these exciting adventures, there is a lot that is still not known about Beidou as a character that could hopefully be explored if she got her own Story Quest.

Genshin Impact’s Keqing Should Get A Story Quest

Keqing in Genshin Impact is another member of Liyue’s ruling elite that still remains relatively unknown. She played a significant part in the recent Moonlight Merriment Event, which allowed for a glimpse at who Keqing really is. Something that makes Keqing different from her peers is that she does not place a lot of faith in the gods, and it would be interesting to learn more about why that is. While she has appeared here and there throughout Genshin Impact’s story, they were only brief glimpses. Surely Keqing deserves some time in the spotlight.

Keqing’s Story Quest could focus on her job as one of the Liyue Qixing in a future Genshin Impact update. The player could help her deal with problems around the country while also learning more about her as a character. For instance, it was shown that her favorite dish is Golden Shrimp Balls and that she was once very close with her grandfather. Learning little things like that about characters truly makes them come alive, and a Story Quest could only provide more.

Genshin Impact’s Kujou Sara Deserves A Story Quest

Inazuma updates introduced a lot of new characters into Genshin Impact very quickly, and while most of them have had their own Story Quest or Hangout Event, Kujou Sara is one character who has been left without either. Sara made a few appearances in the Inazuma Archon Quest as well as during Kokomi’s Story Quest and the Labyrinth Warriors event. She plays an important role in her clan\’s and Inazuma’s, politics, but her screen time has been so brief that not much is really known about her.

Sara is clearly heavily involved in the aftermath of the civil war in Inazuma, which was briefly shown in Kokomi’s Story Quest. But there is also the upheaval occurring within the Tenryou Commission and within her own clan that has yet to be explored. Even though Sara is an adopted member of the Kojou Clan, she clearly plays an important role, especially considering she is the leader of the Tenryou Commission’s fighting forces. A Story Quest in a future update could show more of the Tenryou Commission’s struggle to rebuild itself as well as Inazuma’s effort to make peace after the war. The burden of leading such an effort has to be difficult to bear, as was shown with Kokomi, and giving Kujou Sara this Story Quest in Genshin Impact would not only make a good contrast to the Sangonomia leader, but also give players more insight as to who Kujou Sara really is.

Genshin Impact’s Aloy Needs A Story Quest

Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy was added to Genshin Impact in the 2.1 update as a collaboration between the two games. But since then, there really hasn’t been much about her. As of 2.2, the game has given very little reason as to why she’s here. While Aloy has a backstory for Genshin Impact, she hasn’t actually been included in the game’s story in any way. And while she doesn’t need to be vital to the game’s core storyline, Aloy should definitely be incorporated into the Genshin Impact lore.

A Story Quest for Aloy could do just that. Aloy is an established character outside of Genshin Impact, but for those who have never played Horizon Zero Dawn, she is a complete stranger. Because she is connected to the wilderness and the Cryo element, Dragonspine would be the perfect place to locate her quest. The storyline could explore Aloy’s past in Teyvat while fighting Dragonspine enemies and surviving the cold. She could even be connected somehow to the disaster that destroyed Dragonspine. Perhaps she is the last of the people who lived there before the cataclysm. Regardless, Aloy desperately needs her own Story Quest to give her a purpose within Genshin Impact and to make her feel like she is truly a part of the game.

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