Genshin Impact Characters With The Biggest Death Flags

When it comes to Genshin Impact characters, many have rich backstories that contain mystery, power, and redemption. Players can learn about characters through Story Quests in Genshin Impact, which are unlocked via keys obtained by completing eight Daily Commissions. These stories give insight into the past, present, and future of the main storyline.

[Warning: Spoilers for Genshin Impact\’s main story below.]

As of Version 2.3, only a few Genshin Impact character deaths were shown on-screen. The most recent is the death of La Signora, who was struck down by the Raiden Shogun after losing in a duel against the traveler. Other minor characters faced similar fates, such as Teppei of the Watatsumi Army, who unfortunately fell victim to the Fatui’s ruthless distribution of the life-draining Delusions by preying on their desire to lead their comrades to victory.

Other character deaths were hinted at through dialogue and descriptions of items in the Inventory. For example, though not explicitly stated, Ruu from Tsurumi Island in Genshin Impact was finally put to rest after the events following the Great Thunderbird’s chaos. Additionally, players discover through Venti’s Story Quest that the Anemo Archon takes the form of his former, deceased friend from many years ago. As for other Genshin Impact characters, many have signs that point to their end arriving sooner than expected.

Genshin Impact: Scaramouche’s Death By Redemption

Established as an enemy from the near start, Scaramouche remains a person of interest when it comes to retribution for his past deeds. Scaramouche first appeared to the traveler with a kind mask hiding his intent to kill. In his latest appearance, Scaramouche managed to elude his duties as one of Genshin Impact’s Eleven Fatui Harbingers and escape with the Electro Archon’s Gnosis, leaving no hints to where he intends to go next.

Scaramouche is highly disliked by his subordinates and peers, making him a top contender when it comes to retaliation in response to his words and actions. He is a man with many enemies, though he seems unbothered by the exact number. However, his fate as the failed puppet prototype of Raiden Ei allows him the rare opportunity to redeem himself as a being better than his intended creation.

Whether Scaramouche is able to redeem himself in the traveler’s eyes or not, each choice represents its own death flag. Characters who have yet to change face the possibility of meeting death before they can unleash more havoc on their journey, as shown by the fate of Genshin Impact’s La Signora. Yet, characters who successfully undergo a redemption arc face the same threat of death as it allows the character vindication before their story ends. Characters set up for redemption arcs are often killed either before or after they redeem themselves. With Scaramouche, it is likely that his story will follow La Signora’s, resulting in his death at the hands of someone with greater strength than him.

Genshin Impact: Tartaglia’s Death By The Abyss Or The Tsaritsa

As a young boy, Ajax – known now as Tartaglia or “Childe” – fell into a dark place called the Abyss. When he resurfaced, his family had confirmed he had been gone for an entire week. However, time in the Abyss passes by differently; it is unknown exactly how much time he was trapped in there. Ajax was taken in by Genshin Impact’s Fatui Harbingers with permission from his family in an attempt to stave his lust for blood and battle. There, he rose within the ranks to become the youngest of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers, giving his loyalty to the Tsaritsa.

With Tartaglia’s second rerun in Genshin Impact, many signs pointed to his inevitable death in the storyline. Tartaglia was the major antagonist of version 1.1 as he had revived the ancient sea-god Osial and set its vengeance on Liyue Harbor. Despite this, Tartaglia remains the first Harbinger to “befriend” the traveler – even going as far as inviting the traveler to his home in Snezhnaya. Tartaglia’s death is a likely occurrence since the loss of his easy companionship and visible empathy may act as the driving emotional force that helps the traveler make a life-or-death decision in the future.

As Snezhnaya is speculated to be one of the last teased regions in Genshin Impact, it is likely that Tartaglia will survive long enough to fulfill his promise to cook for the traveler. However, once the traveler sets foot in the snowy region of Snezhnaya, there is no telling how much or how little time Tartaglia has before the clock runs out. Tartaglia’s struggle with the Abyss as a child to his rise as a Fatui Harbinger hints at the likely possibility that his life may be taken by the very thing that created him.

Genshin Impact: Albedo’s Death By His Doppelganger, Subject Two

Genshin Impact’s 2.3 event “Shadows Amidst Snowstorms” allowed players to revisit Albedo’s storyline after his short appearance on the Golden Apple Archipelago. In the 2.3 event, it is discovered that Albedo is one of Rhinedottir’s prized creations, a synthetic human born from Alchemy. Formed by the same method, Albedo’s doppelganger – Subject Two, who made players question Albedo’s supposed death in Genshin Impact – roams Teyvat as he was successfully able to evade capture.

Subject Two’s intention was to replace Albedo and adopt his life and friends in order to appreciate life in a way that he was never able to. Despite his first failed attempt, it opens up the possibility of other methods and attempts to achieve his goal. Next time, Albedo may not be so lucky in detecting the danger before it is too late. Subject Two – knowing Albedo’s trust and confidence in the traveler – may choose to target the traveler next in hopes of leaving Albedo vulnerable at last.

Albedo’s sympathy toward his fellow creation and his friends may be the very thing that leads to his death. With many new characters being added to the roster regularly such as Genshin Impact’s Shenhe and Yun Jin, it makes sense that older characters face the threat of death as their journeys may need to end for others to start anew. However, the world of Teyvat is large with many secrets and untold stories. As players learn from Genshin Impact, there is more than meets the eye with every character of the Archive.

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