Genshin Impact Co-Op: Every Way Multiplayer Could Improve

As one of Genshin Impact’s most popular features, Co-Op Mode allows players to team up with other Adventurers. Among the activities available, players are able to challenge Domains, Bosses, and explore the open world alongside others. The newly added Omni-Ubiquity Net in Genshin Impact allows players the option to catch certain creatures they run across in their exploration.

As Co-Op Mode in Genshin Impact is unlocked at Adventurer Rank 16, this feature can be helpful to new players who are still adjusting to the game. Co-Op Mode also gives the opportunity to players of higher Adventurer Ranks to lend their help to others, as activities in the late game steadily diminish over time. As this feature steadily increases in popularity, it becomes obvious that there are improvements that can be made.

A large part of Genshin Impact’s core mechanics comes from building new characters obtained via the Wish System. In order to successfully obtain Genshin Impact’s Character Ascension materials, players will need to battle monsters and Bosses for specific drops, challenge Ley Lines for EXP Books, and save up a large number of Mora. With more players taking advantage of Co-Op Mode to make material farming easier, the developers could improve Genshin Impact’s overall longevity and playability by introducing these Co-Op improvements.

Genshin Impact Could Increase The Max Character Limit Per Co-Op Party

Genshin Impact’s Co-Op Mode currently allows up to four players in one world. Modeled by the number in one’s single-player team, this seems like an adequate number. However, Bosses and enemies will only become stronger as the main story deepens. There may be challenges that require far greater damage output and ability than one team of four can supply. In this case, Genshin Impact should increase the max number of characters allowed in a single Co-Op party.

For example, if Genshin Impact’s Co-Op allowed up to eight characters in a Co-Op team rather than four, that gives players more options when it comes to building teams. Currently, in a team of four, each player is allowed to have one character on the field at a time. This can be difficult especially since players are accustomed to swapping between a few characters in order to maximize damage output. With the max party limit raised to eight, this gives each player two characters to switch from on the field.

Following this model, players should be given the option to mix and match their character slot distribution depending on character availability or personal preference. Players could relinquish their spare character to another player of the Co-Op; the host could have three characters to swap between while another player has one. This also gives the opportunity to master Genshin Impact’s Elemental reactions, as it will be easier for players to keep a certain element applied in order to cause those reactions. Alternatively, eight individual players could contribute to the team with one character each, which provides more help overall.

Genshin Impact Could Make All World Resources Available To Each Player

Exploration in Genshin Impact is a common activity when it comes to Co-Op. With the feature provided in the Adventurer’s Handbook, players are able to navigate to monsters that have the materials they need. Some characters may have passive abilities that allow them to see Regional Specialties on the map. Qiqi marks the location of Liyue Specialties, while Gorou marks the location of Inazuma Specialties. If a Co-Op member has a character with a similar passive, it can make locating needed materials much easier.

However, players may be wary of other Co-Op members joining for the sole purpose of “stealing” materials from their world. After the Banner release of Genshin Impact’s Raiden Ei, many players needed a specific type of fish for the weapon The Catch, which is known to be Raiden’s best free-to-play weapon. Once caught, these special fish would be unavailable to the host for three real-time days. If Co-Op members neglect to ask beforehand, they risk the chance of taking materials needed by the host while leaving them with a rocky timeframe of when the fish will appear once more.

If all Co-Op members are given the option to receive their own unique drop of each material, players will be more inclined to allow others into their world since there is no risk of precious materials being stolen. This also allows greater opportunity for the party to collect open-world materials together since everyone will be able to benefit from the farming route. Players can already obtain ores uniquely (aside from Cor Lapis) as well as collect individual rewards from Genshin Impact’s Domains and Bosses. The developers should go further and allow all materials to be obtainable by each individual party member.

Genshin Impact Co-Op Could Incorporate A Trading and Gifting Feature

Character Ascension materials in Genshin Impact are widely available all around Teyvat. Players may already have a surplus of materials if they habitually pick up resources and extinguish their Resin every day among other daily tasks. However, some players may not have the time to invest in farming the needed materials required for their characters. To combat this, Genshin Impact could introduce an in-game trade feature.

With this trading feature, players could exchange items with others in the Co-Op party or through the Friend List. These trades could range from Enhancement ores in exchange for Mora, a specific character’s Talent Books in exchange for another, Genshin Impact’s Boss drops – such as Azhdaha drops – in exchange for Stormterror drops, and so on. This would help players maintain a proper balance of the resources they have without needing to expend more time and effort than they need to, or if they are constantly unlucky with in-game RNG.

Additionally, Genshin Impact can incorporate a Gift feature that allows players to gift other players materials without the recipient having to worry about offering something in return. This can be especially beneficial to those who would like to gift friends at lower Adventurer Ranks who need materials that the sender may have an excess of. To avoid abuse of this feature, requirements can be set in order to be eligible for trading and gifting, such as a certain Adventurer Rank, minimum time elapsed since account creation, a cool-down period, and restrictions on certain items received via Genshin Impact’s Wish system. With these improvements to Genshin Impact, players will be able to enjoy Co-Op Mode even more.

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