Genshin Impact Co-Op: Unspoken Rules & Common Courtesy

Genshin Impact’s popular features include Co-Op Mode, which is unlocked for players at Adventure Rank 16. Once hitting this milestone, players can invite and host up to three other players to join their world, allowing four Travelers total to adventure together. With cross-play available to players of the same regional server across PC, Mobile, and PSN platforms, there are a multitude of players who benefit greatly from Co-Op Mode.

Co-Op Mode is a good option for players if they require assistance in difficult Domains and Bosses or even company while exploring Teyvat. There are tricky puzzles that may need another set of eyes to help solve, such as Genshin Impact’s Pyro Torches Puzzle that requires hints from nearby murals. Players can also help others complete Daily Commissions, Ley Line Outcrops, World Quests, and Bounties.

Unlike playing Genshin Impact Co-Op with friends, players should exercise caution when playing with strangers. If a lobby\’s host feels that a Co-Op member is no longer welcome in their world, they have the option to Kick the player as well as Block them after finding their Profile in the \”Recent Co-Op Players\” tab. However, as the majority of players are generally helpful and friendly, players should not be discouraged to host or join other worlds.

Genshin Impact Co-Op – Basic Etiquette and Communication

Genshin Impact’s Elemental Reactions and team compositions are crucial components when it comes to combat. Since monsters of each type contain certain weaknesses, it is best to take advantage of those weaknesses to ensure a battle with as few struggles as possible. Guidance and suggestions for team compositions are generally appreciated as long as players remain polite and respectful. Co-Op is not a place for aggression in Genshin Impact, or any other game for that matter; if players are unhappy with their current members for any reason, they are free to leave or disband the team.

In most cases, when it comes to Genshin Impact’s Domains and other Bosses, there should be a player who can act as the team’s Healer while others fill in with DPS and support. Seeing as Co-Op is a team-based feature, players should pay attention to the team’s overall needs and contribute equally. Every team can look different since Character availability and investment depends on each individual player, so players must be flexible. Whether the team is structured for Domain success or exploration fun, communication is key.

If players are unable to communicate with others via text, Genshin Impact offers a variety of in-game Emojis of different characters that can easily convey emotion. A common Emoji used in Genshin Impact is Paimon’s “Ship out!” Emoji, which players use to indicate that they are heading out of Co-Op Mode, rather than leaving abruptly without a word. Though not strictly necessary, it helps communicate to the host that the session went well. In turn, this helps players build confidence and become less wary, making them more open to offering their world to other players.

Domain Preparation Etiquette In Genshin Impact Co-Op

Patience is important when hosting Domains. Following the introduction of Genshin Impact’s cross-save, players can be coming in from different platforms that may have longer load times than the host. It is best to wait a few moments after players load into the world to send a Domain invitation. Non-hosts should give a jump or a wiggle of their character to let the host know they can proceed. This way, hosts can avoid having to send out multiple invitations.

Though there are a variety of team compositions in Genshin Impact, the Domain’s Character Selection may be difficult for some players since they cannot choose the same character as another. Apart from team composition, a player may be set on picking a certain character due to lack of investment in other characters of the needed element or personal preference. In the case of preference, the choice usually falls on the host for first pick. If the dispute is between two Co-Op members, it is best to communicate. Issues can be solved simply with a quick explanation rather than waiting for someone to back down first.

If a player is hosting, they should wait until all of their members are inside the Domain arena. Since a barrier rises along the perimeter of the arena once the Domain is started, it is very easy to lock Co-Op members outside the barrier if hosts are not paying attention. Though they can still claim the Weapon Ascension materials or Genshin Impact’s new Artifacts, the rest of the team may struggle with one less player. If not already in position by the start Key, it is very common for players to wait at the top of the ascending stairs for others to catch up before entering the arena together.

Genshin Impact Co-Op – How To Explore The Open-World With Players

When it comes to open-world exploration with other Co-Op Adventurers, players may have the impulse to pick up items that they see on their journey. However, players should first ask the host if they are free to take from their world. Some resources may have longer spawn times than others, such as the flowers needed for Character Ascensions in Genshin Impact or rare ore such as Cor Lapis, and it may be needed by the host. They should be left alone unless players are given explicit permission to take them.

Other resources can be collected by all players in Co-Op, such as the rewards from World Bosses (in exchange for Resin), loot from Common and Elite enemies, and common ores. The wood from trees – which is used to create Furnishings in Genshin Impact’s Serenitea Pot – can also be shared, although it only drops for whoever strikes the tree. Chores such as farming for materials may feel a little less dull with company.

It is best not to veer too far from the host in open-world exploration. They may need help with unlocking guarded treasure chests or solving difficult puzzles that may pop up along the way. Though players will not be able to take loot from these chests, it gives them the opportunity to discover things that they may have missed in their own world. When exercising Co-Op etiquette and common courtesy, Genshin Impact players may be able to gain another method of support in their arsenal, or even better, a new friend.

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