Genshin Impact Comes To Another Platform That's Still Not Switch

Genshin Impact Switch Pro Release

When Genshin Impact announced it was coming to a new platform, some fans were hopeful that the game\’s long-awaited Nintendo Switch port was on its way. Unfortunately for Switch players, the announcement wasn\’t for the Switch console port, but instead for Genshin Impact\’s release on Nvidia\’s GeForce NOW platform. After a successful beta test, Genshin Impact is now playable on GeForce NOW, requiring a GeForce NOW membership and a HoYoverse account to play.
Genshin Impact announced it was coming to Switch months ahead of the game\’s release in September 2020. Genshin Impact reported a record-breaking first year, even winning Best Mobile Game at The Game Awards 2021. Now, over two years after the initial Genshin Impact for Nintendo Switch announcement, audiences are still in the dark about the Switch version\’s release date. console. During this time, rumors that the port was canceled arose multiple times, with many players wondering if Genshin Impact was still coming to Switch.

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In a post on the official Genshin Impact website, HoYoverse announced that the game is now available on Nvidia\’s GeForce NOW cloud gaming platform. The service offers free and paid membership tiers, offering players access to its ever-growing catalog of games, which now includes Genshin Impact. Through GeForce NOW, players can travel to Teyvat on Windows, Mac, and Chromebook devices. Unfortunately, mobile devices are not supported currently; however, Genshin Impact is available on both iOS and Android app stores. Unlike purchases made on PlayStation, in-game purchases made through GeForce NOW will carry across to all of Genshin Impact\’s other supported platforms.

Genshin Impact Comes To GeForce Now Before Nintendo Switch

No, Genshin Impact On Nintendo Switch Isn't Canceled Raiden Shogun

Unfortunately, there is still no news regarding Genshin Impact\’s upcoming release on Nintendo Switch. Earlier this year, a rumor spread on social media that Genshin Impact\’s Switch port was canceled, due to a caption on one of Genshin Impact\’s YouTube videos that omitted the Nintendo Switch from the list of supported platforms. Some eagle-eyed viewers who spotted the mistake speculated that it confirmed that Genshin Impact was no longer coming to Switch. Shortly after, the video\’s caption was updated to include Nintendo Switch as a supported platform, with subsequent videos including it too.

Despite the recent rumors that Genshin Impact\’s Nintendo Switch port is canceled, HoYoverse continues to reassure players that the Switch version of the game is still coming. Regardless, the launch of Genshin Impact on GeForce NOW is good news for members of Nvidia\’s cloud gaming platform. Though there have been few updates about Genshin Impact\’s port to Nintendo Switch since it was first announced way back in January 2020, maybe the upcoming Nintendo Direct event or Genshin Impact\’s version 2.8 livestream will bring the announcement Switch players have long been waiting for.
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