Genshin Impact Confirms Yae Miko As Upcoming Playable Character

A recent Twitter post from developer miHoYo confirms that Genshin Impact will one day add Yae Miko as a playable hero. Interestingly, Yae Miko\’s status as an upcoming playable character is nothing new, given that leaks from earlier in the month indicated as much. According to said leaks, players could step into the shoes of the Grand Narukami Shrine overseer once Genshin Impact Update 2.5 goes live.

Nascent details about Version 2.5 continue to swirl despite the imminent rollout of Genshin Impact Update 2.4, which won\’t release until January 5, 2022. 2.5 leaks additionally claim that Ayato will join the fun as a playable character, though the crew at miHoYo has yet to corroborate such claims. The latest Genshin Impact-related news out of the studio proves that at least some of the prematurely outed bits of information were indeed correct. Now the wait is on for when such content will actually see the light of day.

After weeks of rumors and speculation about Yae Miko, developer miHoYo has finally confirmed the character will indeed become playable. The studio shared the news with fans in a now-viral tweet that, admittedly, doesn\’t offer much in the way of concrete information regarding Yae Miko\’s arrival. At the time of writing, then, it\’s unclear as to when exactly Yae Miko will assume the role of a playable character. What the new post does feature is new background details, which identify Yae Miko as a \”descendant of Kitsune lineage.\” Check out the tweet linked below:

While miHoYo remains mum about the specifics, the aforementioned leaks suggest Yae Miko will go live during the eagerly-anticipated 2.5 patch. Previously, she\’s served in the role of an NPC players can encounter during Genshin Impact\’s Inazuma questline, which launched as part of Verison 2.0 this past July.

Originally released over a year ago in September 2020 on PC and PS4, Genshin Impact\’s popularity has yet to wane. In fact, its reach seems to continuously expand, thanks in large part to miHoYo\’s ongoing post-launch support. The free-to-play RPG\’s regular updates keep players invested long-term, though the constant barrage of leaks seems to often spoil many a surprise. Fortunately for miHoYo and fans, such instances very rarely manage to diminish the overall hype.

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