Genshin Impact Cosplayer's Huge Ruin Guard Suit Has Working Spin Attack

Genshin Impact fan has impressed the fanbase with an awe-inspiring cosplay of one of the game\’s most iconic enemies: the Ruin Guard. The world-famous free-to-play MMORPG has taken the world by storm over the past few years, with players regularly showing their affection for the title by creating hilarious Genshin Impact videos, fan art pieces, and of course, impressive cosplay designs.

The massive open world of Genshin Impact is what most players will immediately associate with the game. The sprawling map contains a broad assortment of majestic sights, lovable NPCs, and rare collectibles, all of which are expanded upon through the game\’s live-service elements. Along with these pleasant experiences and unique landscapes, however, can be dangerous and antagonistic forces. Amongst the most feared of these forces is the instantly recognizable Ruin Guard, an ancient piece of machinery that dwarfs the player character. The Ruin Guards have a number of special attacks and techniques at their disposal, but one of the most effective is the spin attack, which sees them rotating their torso and flailing their long arms about themselves, harming anyone that gets too close. While Genshin Impact regularly adds new characters, Ruin Guards have the capability to take down all manner of warriors and adventurers.

Despite this, it seems like at least one Genshin Impact fan is somewhat fond of these characters; Reddit user thomasacortez27 recently shared a video of a stunning Ruin Guard cosplay, complete with a rotating torso and floppy arms that approximate the signature spin move. The video also features a small child, showing just how colossal this creation is, which in turn makes it all the more impressive.

The Genshin Impact Ruin Guard cosplayer details some of its particulars in the comments, stating that the main load of the rig is placed on the shoulders. While this news prompted some users to express their concern over how that might affect the creator\’s back, it seems like the spinning motion would not be possible if the load was distributed elsewhere. Perhaps a cosplay of a Genshin Impact character like Ayato would be easier on the body, but it certainly wouldn\’t be nearly as impressive.

As Genshin Impact continues to expand with updates and new content, it will be interesting to see how the cosplay community around it will grow. This Ruin Guard piece from thomascortez27 is sure to stand amongst the most memorable cosplay from the community, though, as its combination of craftsmanship, ingenuity, and artistry make it a sight to behold. One can only hope that no Genshin Impact players hurt their backs trying to top this build.

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