Genshin Impact: Cost-Effective Hook World Quest Guide and Tips

Cost-Effective Hook is a new world quest that is added in the new Sumeru update in Genshin Impact. This world quest is an easy quest that can be completed by following the guide below. The quest is about Kayvan the angler, and it seems that he might be having some trouble. By helping the anglers the players will experience finding and getting baits for the anglers to use and even help them take care of monsters.

How to unlock and complete the Cost-Effective Hook World Quest in Genshin Impact

To unlock the Cost-Effective Hook quest, the player should follow the guidelines below:

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  • To access the Cost-effective Hook quest the players should have unlocked the Sumeru Reputation board.

Errand fishing

To start the quest the player should go talk to Helbet and Kayvan as they will instruct the player on what to do. After the interaction, go and look for the materials that Kayvan needs. When finished collecting the player should then give the bait materials collected to Kayvan.

Afterward, go and talk to Helbet and Kayvan who will instruct the player again to get another set of materials that they would need for bait. After being instructed, look again for the materials that Kayvan needs. After finding the things needed give the bait materials to Kayvan.

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When the first part is complete, the player should then proceed to talk to Helbet and Kayvan again. A horde of slimes will ambush the anglers and the players, who will then request the traveler to save them as these monsters will destroy their things. Defeat the attacking monsters which will be a fairly easy fight against slimes.

After defeating the group of enemies talk to the anglers Helbet and Kayvan again and they will need another set of materials to be fetched. Players will then need to look again for the materials that Kayvan needs. Once finishing the last material finding part the player should then give the bait materials to Kayvan and they will thank the player this is the end of the quest Cost-Effective Hook.

Cost-Effective Hook World Quest Completion Rewards

In the Cost-Effective Hook quest, players can obtain rewards by completing the quest. The rewards include

  • Mora × 20,000
  • Adventurer XP x 150
  • Hero’s Wit x 3

That was all in our Genshin Impact guide to complete the Cost-Effective Hook quest.

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