Genshin Impact Could Add Ayato & Yae Miko In Update 2.5, Per Leak

Recent leaks suggest that Genshin Impact\’s Update 2.5 may introduce new characters Ayato and Yae Miko. miHoYo\’s action role-playing game features an ever-expanding roster of characters, with free updates adding more playable heroes to the game\’s gacha system as time goes on. Update 2.4 will add Shenhe and Yun Jin to Genshin Impact as the game\’s newest characters, but recent rumors look even further into the title\’s future.

While Genshin Impact\’s free updates also bring with them new regions to explore and quests to conquer, new playable characters are always the most highly anticipated additions to the game. Each hero brings with them a unique personality, weapon, and elemental power, adding even greater diversity to Genshin Impact\’s already colorful roster. Recent rumors suggest that Yae Miko, a non-player character introduced in Genshin Impact\’s 2.1 update, will soon be added as an Electro-wielding playable character for players to acquire. Additional leaks also point to Kamisato Ayato as a playable Genshin Impact character, with the sword-wielding Hydro user being the brother of current playable character Kamisato Ayaka.

A report from Game Rant suggests that both Yae Miko and Kamisato Ayato will be added to Genshin Impact in the game\’s forthcoming Update 2.5. While little tangible evidence is provided, the report does suggest that more information will be available once Update 2.5 enters its beta stage. The title is currently in Version 2.3, so the leaks suggest that both characters will be appearing soon but not in the immediate future. Genshin Impact\’s Wish system functions as a gacha game mechanic, similar to a slot machine, where players pay for the chance to unlock each playable character. So, even if Yae Miko and Ayato do arrive with the game\’s upcoming update, players are not guaranteed to acquire either playable hero.

Along with new playable characters like Shenhe and Yun Jin, Genshin Impact\’s upcoming Update 2.4 is heavily rumored to include a brand-new playable region. The Electro-based tropical archipelago of Inazuma was added to the game with July 2021\’s Update 2.0, and now Genshin Impact 2.4 will add Enkanomiya according to multiple different leaks. Apparently, the brand-new region will include a new world boss to challenge, and the environment itself will change dramatically based on two-time cycles called Evernight and Whitenight. While these leaks have not been confirmed, multiple references to Enkanomiya in recently-added quests may add credibility to the rumors.

Developer miHoYo is constantly updating Genshin Impact with new areas, quests and playable characters to keep players coming back for fresh experiences. Many of these additions are heavily rumored or outright leaked ahead of their official announcement, which may ring true for Yae Miko and Ayato as well. The characters are not rumored to join the game\’s roster until Update 2.5, so only time will tell whether these leaks prove to be authentic.

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