Genshin Impact Daily Commissions Shouldn't Be Locked Behind RNG

Genshin Impact is a gacha game, so powerful characters and weapons locked behind RNG make perfect sense. The Wish system even utilizes a pity mechanic that guarantees at least one 5-star item or character after a certain amount of pulls. However, a gacha game does not excuse everything else from being based on RNG. Artifact grinding, Artifact rolling, and Ascension materials should not be luck-based. Instead, they should all be based on completion. Hard work and determination should pay off. Daily Commissions in Genshin Impact is the prime example of something being based on RNG that doesn\’t really make sense.

Genshin Impact\’s endgame problem is the lack of content. An active player base depends on new things to do. Completing commissions offers great rewards with minimal effort. Some of the simplest straightforward Daily Commissions can offer the same amount of rewards as the more complex ones. It\’s one of the best ways to raise Adventure Rank and also one of the best ways to increase Friendship Level. A guaranteed 60 Primogems is awarded after completing all 4 commissions and turning them in to Katheryne at the Adventurers\’ Guild.

Daily Commissions in Genshin Impact is a great feature, but if someone plays every day, they get repetitive and boring. Long lines of dialogue become skippable and even the easiest Genshin Impact Daily Commissions can feel like a chore to get through. If the current party does not have the required element, then someone has to change the party lineup, which is especially annoying with monsters targeting them. Even worse is when some of the lines do not coincide with the current state of where the player is in the game.

The Importance Of Genshin Impact Daily Commissions

A lot of in-game achievements are based on certain commissions. Even worse is when those commissions take multiple times in order to be fully completed. Not only must players memorize which option they already selected, but they also need to complete the remaining ones, perfectly. This means that the commission must show up at least 3 times, and with its already ridiculously low drop rate, even people who have played since the beginning still have yet to even see this commission. Furthermore, some hidden Genshin Impact achievements can only be acquired through commissions. It\’s not necessarily about the Primogems rewarded for earning the achievement, although that is super nice, but it\’s more about fully completing the whole thing. Gaining another name card offers a great sense of satisfaction.

An example would be the \”Snezhnaya Does Not Believe In Tears: Series I\” achievements. There are only two achievements under this category, but players need to complete the associated commission 3 times, perfectly, in order to earn this Genshin Impact achievement. Furthermore, there are 3 options each, meaning that travelers must fulfill each different request. In other words, each of these requires the commission to be available at a minimum of three times – and even more if a player messes up.

Another example from Mondstadt is \”For the Love of Godwin.\” The associated commission is called \”Whispers in the Wind,\” and it must be completed 5 times in order to gain the achievement. Some of the NPCs have surprisingly deep and complex backstories, such as Genshin Impact\’s Wagner the Blacksmith. However, in order to get to know them, finishing a series of dailies is usually the trigger. The \”Language Exchange\” or \”Poetry Exchange\” commissions are also based on RNG. These two commissions humanize the Hilichurls and offered a whole new perspective on why Hilichurls are not the enemy, but just a species trying to survive and protect their kind.

Liyue is also a victim of this. The \”Stone Harbor\’s Nostalgia: Series I\” achievements all require multiple completions. Similar to \”For the Love of Godwin\” mentioned earlier, the \”Love Is All Around\” associated commission called \”Good Sign\” seldom shows up. When it does, Zhihua, the NPC that requests this, only asks the Traveler to look for 2 or 3 signs of love, even though the achievement can only be gained with 5 signs. This means that the commission itself has to ask for 5 signs, not just be completed 5 times. It\’s like Genshin Impact\’s low gacha pull rates apply to Daily Commissions, too. RNG determines whether the commission is available, and RNG again determines how many \”signs\” are needed.

Additionally, the \”Pirates! Argh!\” achievement and its associated commission have to be completed multiple times with different steps. Many players reported that they did this commission over 5 times and still did not gain the achievement. Thankfully, Genshin Impact claimed that it was glitched and that it has been fixed. More players are able to earn the achievement, now. However, just like all the quest chains of the commissions mentioned earlier, RNG determines whether it is available, and RNG determines which part of it must be done.

How Genshin Impact Could Improve Daily Commissions

It\’s frustrating when these commissions are based on RNG. Even with the new option to set a region preference for Daily Commissions, there doesn\’t seem to be any increase. The Sumeru region teased in Genshin Impact 2.6 may still follow the same formula. Instead, it just seems to increase having to destroy Hilichurl Towers or prevent Hilichurls from creating explosive barrels. Slightly more unique ones such as helping an NPC also become unrealistic because after how many times they are helped, they act like the Traveler is helping them for the first time.

Flora requests the Traveler to store flowers in the freezing cold mountains of Dragonspine as a preservation method, and when it fails, she acknowledges that there really isn\’t any other way. Except, this commission shows up again with the exact same dialogue. Many players skip the second part and immediately burn her flowers to speed up the process, mainly because it\’s boring and to avoid the weather condition debuff in Genshin Impact. Ellin wants tips on how to break wooden dummies, and after how many times, one would think she is already a Knight of Favonius by now. It can be a challenge for new players, but endgame players just need to click their Elemental Skill or Burst.

An improvement could be having an option for players to select whether they want auto-generated commissions or hand-picked commissions on a task board. The former option would be the default option currently implemented. It would be ideal for casual players who want to quickly complete their commissions. The latter option would be having the Traveler go to a task board near the selected region\’s Adventurers\’ Guild and handpick their four commissions there. It\’s a more interactive experience and can allow a higher chance for those commissions to pop up.

Genshin Impact constantly sends out surveys for player satisfaction, such as Genshin Impact\’s character design survey. It does seem like they listen and address the players\’ concerns. Some changes have been made, especially when it comes to buffing up an otherwise underwhelming character. Artifacts farming and rolling are two of the biggest issues in the game, and most players wish for changes. It seems unfair when the same 5-star character makes less damage than someone else\’s because of their unluckiness with artifacts. If Genshin Impact can improve the artifacts system, then maybe changes can come to Daily Commissions.

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