Genshin Impact: Daughter's in-game purchase using her father’s credit card results in a credit debt of $20000

Mr. Lim Cheng Mong was surprised, when he found out an overdue credit debt of over $20000, with nearly 90 transactions unbeknownst to him. The bank had called him to inform him about the unpaid overdue. After which he started digging and then he found that the debt was due to his daughter’s in-game purchase in Genshin Impact that was made from her Grab account. This account was made for her to use on transportation expenses.

Daughter made her in-game purchase through Grab E-wallet

According to a report from The Straits Times, the 18-year-old teen had used the Grab account linked with the credit card to make a lot of in-game transactions through the apple store. She used the money to make purchases for about the duration of one month. Her father also quotes that amount of money could pay for her daughter’s school expenses at an overseas university, and all of that was spent just like that.

Child playing online games on mobile devices (Image via Digit)

His credit card company helped him to recover about $10000 out of goodwill, and he also says online transactions, especially in-game purchases, should be strictly monitored in this booming age of technology. This incident took place in Singapore as reported by The Straits Times.

The allure of Gacha can prove overpowering for one

Gacha is very similar to Loot Box mechanics, Loot box being the western name for it and are certainly used to prey on the weak-minded, as they hope to win the lucky draw the next attempt they make. However, the responsibility lies on the spender to know their limits.

With current age and technology, using money is as simple as it can get, so parents certainly have the responsibility to look after their kids and monitor their transactions always. And especially when credit cards are involved where money can be taken on debt and has an unknown upper limit of expenditure.

Genshin Impact even with gacha mechanics is quite free-to-play friendly, and most if not all the game content can be eventually cleared without spending any money at all. So very huge expenses made by any player can’t be blamed entirely on the game, the player is also at fault to some extent.

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