Genshin Impact Dendroculus Locations: Where and how to find them

In the latest version 3.0 of Genshin Impact, the Sumeru region is now open for exploration by Travellers. Like each region in Teyvat, Sumeru also has a special Oculi called Dendroculus. Travelers must collect these oculi to level up the Statue of Seven of the Sumeru region. On leveling up the statutes players would get certain rewards including primogems and other in-game currencies. Our Genshin Impact will provide you with locations and help you collect all Dendroculus in the game.

Dendroculus locations in Genshin Impact

According to the official Interactive Map, there are 110 dendroculus in different locations that Travellers can collect in the part of Sumeru that has opened up now which is the Rainforest region.

Table Of Contents
  1. 1. Avidya Forest
  2. 2. Adravi Valley
  3. 3. Ashavam Realm
  4. 4. Vanarana
  5. 5. Lokapala Jungle

Travelers should collect the dendroculus by following the interactive map to make sure that they don’t miss out on certain dendroculus. If they miss any of them, finding out the missing ones is a very tedious process. With the help of the Genshin Impact Interactive Map, travelers can collect the dendroculi.

1. Avidya Forest

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10 Dendroculi are present in Avidya Forest. Avidya Forest consists of these places: Sumeru City, Gandha Hills, and Gandharva Ville. Players should start collecting from one side of the region for convenience. 

2. Adravi Valley

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This is the southern part of the Sumeru Region. This part is also called the Adravi Valley. A total of 29 dendroculus are present in this region. The dendroculi are present mostly in Port Ormos, Vimara Village, and Devantaka Mountains.

3. Ashavam Realm

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The southwestern part of Sumeru is called the Ashavam Realm. Travelers would be able to collect 32 Dendroculus in this region. This region consists of the following locations: Apam Woods, Ruins of Dahiri, Yasna Monument, Pardis Dhyani, and Caravan Ribat.

4. Vanarana

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This region is the Western part of Sumeru’s Rainforest. Travelers would be able to find 20 Dendroculus. This area is known as Vanarana and Vissudha Fields. Dendroculus is found in Venarana and also in this region Travelers can come across Sumeru’s offering System.

5. Lokapala Jungle

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Travelers can collect the remaining 19 Dendroculus from the Lokapala Jungle region. The Dendroculus is found in the northern part of Sumeru City, Chatrakam Cave, and Alcazazaray.

These are all the locations of the Dendroculus. However, it’s best if players use the official interactive map to keep track of all the Dendroculus they collect. Also, players can collect some Dendroculus after completing certain in-game quests.

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