Genshin Impact Devs' New Game, Zenless Zone Zero, Revealed in Trailer

zenless zone zero revealed genshin impact devs

Today, Genshin Impact developer HoYoverse officially unveiled its next game, Zenless Zone Zero. HoYoverse began teasing Zenless Zone Zero earlier this week through a cryptic website, with imagery on the main page that resembled the inside of a living room from the 1980s. A box TV set with interactive dials constituted the center of attention, allowing site visitors to view short teaser clips. One such video depicted an animated commercial starring a polar bear and tiger.
HoYoverse, formerly known as miHoYo, has enjoyed incredible success over the last couple of years, thanks in large part to Genshin Impact\’s meteoric rise in popularity. The free-to-play action-RPG hit PC, PS4, and mobile devices in September 2020, inviting players to embark on a fantastical adventure that continues to regularly offer new experiences. It doesn\’t seem as though the ongoing support for Genshin Impact will end anytime soon either. In fact, HoYoverse plans to expand the game\’s reach since the Nintendo Switch version of Genshin Impact is still in development. The Shanghai-based studio has something else in the works, too.

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As previously promised, HoYoverse today revealed details about its next major project – Zenless Zone Zero. The development team unveiled the action game with a fairly lengthy trailer, welcoming fans to the metropolis of New Eridu. Cursory information on the HoYoverse website notes players will experiment with \”dual identities,\” operating \”two opposing personas\” in a warped version of reality. Taking on Commissions with fellow users will rest at the crux of the experience, all while players meet new factions and try their hand at unearthing a conspiracy. Notably, Zenless Zone Zero will launch across PC and iOS devices at an unspecified time. Those interested in trying the game early can sign up for a Tuning Test by taking a survey via the HoYoverse webpage. Check out the trailer in the video linked below:

Clearly, there are still myriad questions the Genshin Impact developer will need to answer in the months ahead. For now, though, the studio is keeping its cards close to its chest. This first glimpse at Zenless Zone Zero seems promising enough to at least hold public interest for the time being but here\’s to hoping the wait to find out more doesn\’t persist for too long.
HoYoverse still has its hands full with Genshin Impact, of course. Regular updates go live every six weeks or so, complete with new playable characters, improved mechanics, and extra in-game items and events. It stands to reason Zenless Zone Zero will receive a similar stream of content whenever it lands on PC and mobile platforms.

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