Genshin Impact: Divine Ingenuity Event Explained

The Genshin Impact version 2.5 Special Program recently aired to reveal the newest contents in the next update. One of the highlights of the livestream is the Divine Ingenuity event – an event comparable to Mario Maker that allows players to build and share their own Domains. Here\’s a rundown of everything revealed about the upcoming Divine Ingenuity event during the Genshin Impact 2.5 livestream program.

As the current update draws closer to its end, developer miHoYo launches its Special Program livestream, allowing players to have a sneak preview of the features of the next update. The official Special Program livestream is available on Genshin Impact\’s Youtube and Twitch channels. With the 2.4 update reaching its later phase, miHoYo previously aired its Genshin Impact Version 2.5 Special Program, revealing the latest character Banner, story quests, and time-limited events. One of the anticipated contents in the upcoming update is the Divine Ingenuity event which centers around a Domain-building experience.

Domains have been a significant part of Genshin Impact\’s gameplay. Completing a challenge from Domains guarantees players with rewards such as Artifacts, Talent Level-Up Materials, Weapon Ascension Materials, Mora, Adventure EXP, Weapon Enhancement Materials, and Companionship EXP. Finally, players will have the opportunity to design their own Domain in Genshin Impact 2.5 update\’s Divine Ingenuity event. The exciting Divine Ingenuity event is distinct from previous time-limited events as it is focused on challenging players\’ creativity. To add to the excitement, players may publish their own custom Domain and share the experience with their friends.

Genshin Impact: Divine Ingenuity Event Gameplay

Genshin Impact 2.5 update has several exciting events to offer. The Divine Ingenuity event is one of the update\’s highlights, enabling players to showcase their creativity. While other features, such as the Serenitea Pot, have previously introduced this notion to players, the Divine Ingenuity event is interesting on its own, as it lets players challenge their friends. Furthermore, players\’ efforts in designing their own custom Domain will be rewarded with several prizes.

During the Divine Ingenuity event in Genshin Impact version 2.5, players will engage in creative mode gameplay, offering a range of items necessary for building the event Domain. Initially, players will be given a Preset Domain challenge in which they must reach the target area under a time limit while collecting as many Adventure coins as possible. The Preset Domain will provide players an initial idea of the mechanisms and objects that are available to them once they start creating their own Domain. Players may advance to customizing and creating their own Custom Domain after completing the Preset Domain challenge.

In designing the customizable Domain, players may freely add, edit or remove available objects within the specified area. An Editor Screen will appear with tools and options for adding elements and constructing the obstacle course\’s route. Players in Genshin Impact may customize the location of the destination point and the placement of Adventure coins, terrain, and mechanisms. To increase the difficulty level of their Domain, players may include traps or add buffs for assistance as well as mechanisms such as trampolines, elemental platforms, and Wind Current. Furthermore, players may choose their preferred Completion Criteria or Domain Limitations on a setting located at the upper-left corner of the Editor Screen. The Completion Criteria and limitations will set the difficulty level of the Domain that players must achieve to complete their Custom Domain.

Players must first complete their Custom Domain in Genshin Impact Divine Ingenuity event before publishing it and sharing it with their friends. This concept is based on game development fundamentals, which requires games to be finished and tested before they are made accessible to players, and the same principle applies here. To invite friends to their Custom Domain in Genshin Impact, players must share their given Domain ID. Additionally, players may opt to share a video of their creation online and let other players experience it.

Genshin Impact: Divine Ingenuity Event Rewards

Apart from the Domain-building experience, Genshin Impact version 2.5 Divine Ingenuity event provides players with a variety of rewards for their efforts throughout the event. Upon the completion of event challenges, players may receive prizes such as Primogems, Hero\’s Wit, Mystic Enhancement Ore, Mora, Sanctifying Unction, and Talent Level-Up Materials. Nonetheless, the experience of creating a Custom Domain and being able to share it with friends may already be rewarding in and of itself.

Building a Custom Domain challenge in Genshin Impact might be overwhelming as some players may be too critical of their layouts. However, the primary focus of the Divine Ingenuity event is to encourage players to create the most enjoyable experience for themselves and other players in Genshin Impact as possible. Meanwhile, other elements could be have been added in the Divine Ingenuity event to improve the overall mechanics. One of the possible elements is the availability of enemy mobs, similar to those seen in Mario Maker. Unfortunately, the Divine Ingenuity event does not provide any enemy that can be added to the Custom Domain. As with other events, the version 2.5 Divine Ingenuity event hopes to be one of the most remarkable and anticipated events of the update, with the possibility of a rerun in the future.

Overall, Genshin Impact version 2.5\’s event lineup is something to look forward to. Apart from Divine Ingenuit, another creative mode event, titled \”Of Drink A-Dreaming,\” will arrive as part of the 2.5 update. Moreover, the upcoming character Banner is worth noting, as Genshin Impact\’s Yae Miko will finally make her playable character debut. It will also be interesting to see how the story develops and to take on Raiden Shogun, who has been added as a new boss to contend with. The 2.5 Special Program also teased the new explorable region known as The Chasm which will be available in Genshin Impact Version 2.6.

The Divine Ingenuity event is one of the proofs that developer miHoYo has been continuously increasing its content and introducing new ideas to Genshin Impact. Meanwhile, the 2.5 Special Program\’s introduction of the Divine Ingenuity event has provided certain players an opportunity to construct an immediate plan on their Domain customization. Hopefully, players will be able to actualize their plan for their Custom Domain during the event and share an enjoyable experience with their friends.

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