Genshin Impact Dvalin Cutscene Recreated In Stop Motion Animation

A Reddit user recently shared a clip of their stunning stop motion animation recreation of Genshin Impact\’s Dvalin cutscene. In miHoYo\’s free-to-play action-RPG, Dvalin aka Stormterror is a fierce elemental dragon who\’s lived for no less than two thousands years in the expansive in-game universe.

Dvalin\’s place in the overarching lore makes him all the more intriguing, especially given his status as one of the Four Winds entrusted with protecting the nation of Mondstadt. In addition to Dvalin, the Dragon of the East, the other three protectors included the Lion of the South, the Falcon of the West, and the Wolf of the North. Following a devastating battle wound he sustained 500 years prior to the events of Genshin Impact, the dragon settled in for a long rest, awaking to find the world had moved on without him. Players can encounter Dvalin several times throughout the role-playing title, but the first meeting arguably counts among the most memorable.

For a month, Reddit user CrosslineAnimator worked on recreating the first Dvalin encounter cutscene in Genshin Impact. The animator went above and beyond, too, using stop motion animation to bring the 30-second scene to life in a new way. Unsurprisingly, the three human characters in the clip look great, but Dvalin proves the most impressive sight. Just as he appears in-game, the dragon\’s stop motion body is comprised of different hues of blue. CrosslineAnimator accurately recreated his movements as well, no doubt a herculean effort. See the stop motion animation in the video linked below:

As far as fan-made creations go, this one definitely counts among the most awe-inspiring. And its use of the cutscene\’s sound and voice over added more weight to CrosslineAnimator\’s already masterful work.

Dvalin\’s formidable presence is essential to Genshin Impact, particularly in earlier sections of the experience. But fans who\’ve been with the title since day one continue to face new and exciting challenges, thanks to miHoYo\’s regular content updates. The most recent patch went live earlier this week in the form of Version 2.2. It added Thoma, Childe and Hu Tao\’s rerun, a new location in Tsurumi island, four additional weapons, and hangout events for Thoma and Sayu.

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