Genshin Impact: Enkanomiya Key Sigil Locations Guide

Players will need to find every Enkanomiya Sigil Key in Genshin Impact if they hope to discover everything this new area has to offer. Hidden deep within the bowls of Inazuma is Enkanomiya, an ancient land that has been long abandoned. Since it\’s so far underground, this new Genshin Impact location has its own unique light source. As players explore, they\’ll find Whitelight and Evernight switches that can alter the world. Changing from night to day will offer puzzles around the map. Along the way, players will find Key Sigils floating around in the air in Enkanomiya. They function similarly to the Electroculus from other areas of Genshin Impact\’s world.

To find every Enkanomiya Sigil Key, players will first need to unlock access to Enkanomiya in Genshin Impact. To do so, they\’ll need to reach Adventure Rank 30 or higher. Then, they\’ll need to complete the Archon Quest, \”Omnipresence Over Mortals\” and the two World Quests, \”The Still Water\’s Flow\” and \”The Moon-Bathed Deep.\” This will open a portal in Watatsumi Island that players can jump inside to find Enkanomiya. However, this is a one-way trip. Players looking to exit Enkanomiya will need to teleport to a different location.

There are dozens of different Enkanomiya Key Sigils to find in Genshin Impact. As players get close enough to a Key Sigil, the object will appear on the mini-map. Similar to the Geoculus in Genshin Impact, as players approach them, they will instantly be added to the player\’s total counter. The best thing to do is to complete every Enkanomiya World Quest before hunting for the Key Sigils. Exploration of Encanomiya is limited when the player first arrives. Completing World Quests will open new areas around the map, thus revealing more Key Sigils to collect.

Every Enkanomiya Key Sigil in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Every Enkanomiya Sigil Key Location on map

There are certain seals around Enkanomiya that can only be opened if the player collects enough Genshin Impact Key Sigils. Using the keys to open these barriers will reward players with free Genshin Impact Primogems. It will also continue to open new map areas. This is a great way to passively gain more cash while exploring this new region. Players should also try to collect as many Key Sigils as they can before opening these barriers so they can keep track of the ones that have already been used.

Enkanomiya features tons of water, making it difficult to get around in a traditional manner. Additionally, the Cyro enemies in this location will freeze players fairly often, which can get annoying fairly quickly. Players will want to be sure to bring a Pyro character to quickly clear out these enemies and continue the search for Key Sigils. Players should keep in mind that there are five different types of Key Sigils available, and grabbing them all will help them uncover Enkanomiya\’s secrets.

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