Genshin Impact Events Locked Behind Adventure Rank Is Bad For Business

Genshin Impact\’s 2.2 update is now live and soon the new events will be available, too, but in order to participate in several of them, players need to be at least Adventure Rank 30. This is a common pattern for Genshin Impact content. In order to even get to Inazuma, players need to be Adventure Rank 30 and have completed both Mondstadt’s and Liyue’s Archon Quests. For a game that relies on its new content to bring in new players, locking this content behind a relatively high progression point just doesn’t make sense.

Genshin Impact gets new content every forty days or so, which is fantastic for people who have been playing for a long time. For new players, though, they won’t necessarily be able to enjoy that content right away, especially the limited-time events. Hitting Adventure Rank 30 in Genshin Impact is no small feat. It can take until the Liyue Archon Quest to reach it, depending on how much someone explores and does in the meantime, which could take players weeks to do. All of this essentially defeats the purpose of bringing in new or returning players with limited events.

The content that Inazuma has brought to Genshin Impact has been some of the best the game has ever seen. It\’s been a great experience playing these updates for both new and longtime players. And while Inazuma itself will be available for future players to enjoy, the limited events the game holds will not be. In between big Genshin Impact content updates, these events are what keeps the game alive and interesting. These limited-time events can add new gameplay mechanics and enticing rewards, and they can often bring in new players or users who have been away for a while – so it simply doesn’t make sense to lock them behind Adventure Rank 30.

Genshin Impact Events Should Have A Lower Adventure Rank Requirement

Not everyone who plays video games can spend hours a day progressing their characters and the story. What this means is that for a lot of players, it will take them longer to reach Adventure Rank 30 than the events even last. So, by the time they are able to participate in the event that got them interested in Genshin Impact in the first place, it will already be over. This may lead to players not starting the game at all, which could ultimately hurt profits for a free-to-play game like Genshin Impact.

There is a reason that Inazuma is locked behind Adventure Rank 30: It’s a lot more difficult than the rest of Teyvat. There is also a specific timeline of events that the game wants players to follow as they move throughout the world, and this is all mostly fine. But just because the region is unreachable for new players, doesn’t mean that the latest events have to be. It would be far more inclusive (and make more business sense) to simply lower the Adventure Rank prerequisite to around Adventure Rank 10 or 15. That way, players would still need to play enough of the game to understand how things work, but reaching that progression point would be much more attainable in a shorter period of time. Most events scale their difficulty to the player’s world level anyway, so lowering the Adventure Rank shouldn’t be an issue.

The majority of the events the game has seen recently have been held in Inazuma, so in order for players to even be able to unlock the related quests, they’d need to be able to actually go to the Electro region. The easiest way to fix this problem is to simply allow all players to go to the region regardless of quests completed or Adventure Rank. Inazuma could still be difficult for new players, but relative to their experience level. Because the storyline of Genshin Impact is linear, the Archon Quests could remain the same, but the regions themselves should be available for all players, regardless of Adventure Rank – at least beyond a certain point. This tactic just makes more sense both for the players and for miHoYo as new players would be able to jump right in and enjoy the new content without having to play catch up – and would be more likely to spend actual money on the game.

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