Genshin Impact: Evernight Temple Labyrinth Guide

In Genshin Impact, players will want to solve the Enkanomiya region\’s Evernight Temple, located in the Northeast corner of the map, to access the Luxurious Chest inside. Clearing the Evernight Temple will require players to solve a puzzle with four Hydro Monuments in a labyrinth. Because the Evernight Temple is located in the new, watery region of Enkanomiya, players will first need to complete quests and reach Adventure Level 30 before they can unlock Enkanomiya in Genshin Impact.

To begin the Genshin Impact Evernight Temple puzzle, players should head to the Teleport Waypoint at the Northeast corner of Evernight Temple. Players will know they are in the correct location if there is a cliff to the East with the labyrinth just visible over the edge. Additionally, players should be able to locate a mechanism to change the time between Evernight and Whitenight. Players will need to engage the mechanism and place the Enkanomiya region in Whitenight.

Once the region is in Whitenight, two Triangular Mechanisms will appear, and players can hit them in order to reposition some of the walls within this Genshin Impact maze. To begin, players should face the labyrinth and hit the Triangular Mechanism on the left one time to rotate the exterior walls 90 degrees clockwise, which will place the L-shaped wall in the upper right corner into the correct position. Players should then hit the other Triangular Mechanism one time to rotate the interior walls 90 degrees clockwise, which will place the L-shaped wall piece in the bottom-right corner into the correct position. Once both Triangular Mechanisms have been hit once, players should return to the time mechanism and change the time from Whitenight to Evernight.

Genshin Impact: Solving the Evernight Temple Maze

Once the Evernight Temple\’s walls have been rotated and Genshin Impact\’s Enkanomiya region is set to Evernight, players should jump off the cliff and down into the maze. Within the labyrinth, players will need to find four Hydro Monuments. The monuments should be easy to spot, as there are pillars of light from the sky indicating their location within the maze. Once players find a monument, they should hit it using a Hydro character in Genshin Impact. Players will need to find and hit all four monuments in one session because the maze will reset if they leave and change the region to Whitenight.

Hitting the fourth and final Hydro Monument in the maze will cause a grate in the ground to open, and players can jump into the opening to receive the reward in the Luxurious Chest. Inside the Luxurious Chest, players will find a Medal of Recognition. This medal will be required for players to complete the word quest, \”Date\’s Challenge.\”

Once players have cleared the Evernight Temple and earned the Luxurious Chest reward, they will find the creator of the maze, a shade named Date, underneath the temple who will give them their next quest in Genshin Impact. He will gift the player the item Date’s Key and explain that it can be used to find another Medal of Recognition.

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