Genshin Impact: Every Book Location in Enkanomiya

During the Genshin Impact World Quest, \”Collection of Dragons and Snakes\” in Enkanomiya, a shade librarian named Ema charges the Traveler with finding five lost books and returning them to the library. This endeavor is no easy task and requires the player to travel across Enkanomiya in search of every book. Yet, Genshin Impact fans will be well-rewarded for their efforts. Once they unlock Enkanomiya in Genshin Impact, completion of this quest will grant both Primogems and Mora, including the Hidden Achievement, \”If Tokoyo Ookami Knew of This.\”

To begin \”Collection of Dragons and Snakes\” in Genshin Impact, the Traveler will need to speak with Ema, who can be found in The Narrows on the second floor of the library ruin. After some dialogue, she will task the player with bringing back a collection of five lost books to the Enkanomiya library. Fortunately, one of the books requires no effort to find. To obtain \”The Serpent and Drakes of Tokoyokoku,\” the Traveler can head to the Yae Publishing House in Inazuma City and purchase the book from Kuroda for 1,500 Mora.

The next book, \”Bathysmal Vishap Experimental Records,\” can be acquired from \”Tricolor File,\” a World Quest located on the Secret Uninhabited Island in Genshin Impact\’s Enkanomiya area. To get to this hidden isle, the Traveler must visit the small, isolated island north of Dainichi Mikoshi and east of The Narrows. On its eastern tip, players can find a Phase Gate that will transport them to the Secret Island. There, they should speak with Michiya, the Researcher, to start the quest. From there, they can head into the ruins and strike only the Cryo Monument, as it opens the room with the record book.

Where to Find the Other Lost Books in Enkanomiya

\”Hydrological Studies in Byakuyakoku\” is the third book in the collection, and players can obtain it by completing the \”Date\’s Challenge\” Genshin Impact quest at the Evernight Temple. This quest involves the Traveler switching between Evernight and Whitenight to navigate through a labyrinthian puzzle. Once players complete the maze, they will be rewarded with access to a Secret Room containing an Exquisite Chest holding the next Enkanomiya book.

In Dainichi Mikoshi, players can begin the \”Antigonus\” World Quest by speaking with Antei, who can be found by gliding off the edge of the southwestern map and into a small, covert area. To complete this quest and obtain \”Before Sun and Moon,\” players will need to defeat a challenging Ruin Guard.

The last book, \”In the Light, Beneath the Shadow,\” is acquired by completing a complex puzzle in Dainichi Mikoshi. To start the puzzle, Travelers can teleport to the central Waypoint on the island. They will need to ensure Enkanomiya is in Evernight and search for an exploding barrel beside a dormant Ruin Guard south of the Waypoint. They can use the barrel to enter a hidden room and use the Triangular Mechanisms and the Traveler\’s night-switching ability in Genshin Impact to progress. Eventually, players will need to go to the Altar at The Serpent\’s Heart and solve the final puzzle. They can use the clues to solve the mystery and loot the Common Chest to get the last lost book in the collection. After picking up the last book, players can return to Ema, return the lost books of Enkanomiya, and finish the quest.

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