Genshin Impact: Every Drink Recipe (Drink-a-Dreaming Event)

The Of Drinking-a-Dream event in Genshin Impact features 21 unique drink recipes for players to discover by experimenting with different ingredients. Some of the drink recipes give hints in the name of the beverage, but others require a bit more trial-and-error to figure out. For example, it\’s obvious that the Caramel Pinecone would include caramel as an ingredient, but Laughter and Cheer having cocoa paste in it is unclear.

To unlock the Of Drinking-a-Dream event, players will need to complete Eula\’s story quest in Genshin Impact, as well as finish the Archon quest \”Interlude Chapter: Act 1\” and reach adventure rank 28. Once the requirements are met, players can travel to Angel\’s Share Tavern in Mondstadt City. Luka will explain that they\’re hosting a Bartender\’s Academy Week, and the Traveler can earn rewards from happy customers for participating.

After speaking to Luka, the Traveler will need to talk to Charles next to learn the basics. Charles explains there was an incident the previous year that led to the decision to remove alcoholic ingredients for beginners. Instead, Genshin Impact players will be creating different coffee, tea, juice, and mixed beverages for their customers. Some customers may place special orders or add additional ingredients to base drinks, so players will need to pay attention to the requests and do their best to find the right recipe. Discovering every recipe is also required for unlocking the final challenges for the Of Drinking-a-Dream event, so players should figure out all 21 recipes as quickly as possible to get the best rewards.

Coffee Recipes for Of Drinking-a-Dream in Genshin Impact

There are six coffee recipes to discover, but one of them unlocks at the beginning of the event. Moonlit Alley is the first recipe that players will need to learn because Kaeya will request one when the Traveler speaks to him. This recipe is automatically unlocked to give players an introduction to how the bartending minigame works. After that, there are five other coffee recipes to learn in the Of Drinking-a-Dream event in Genshin Impact.

Athenaeum: Coffee x3Caramel Pinecone: Coffee + Milk + CaramelFoamy Relief: Coffee x2 + Fizzy WaterGolden Eden: Coffee x2 + MilkMoonlit Alley: Coffee + Milk + Cocoa PasteNight of Swirling Stars: Coffee + Milk x2

Tea Recipes for Of Drinking-a-Dream in Genshin Impact

The tea recipe names don\’t give the player much to go on besides tea being the first ingredient. A few of the characters in Angel\’s Share Tavern, like Zhongli or Lisa, will request modified versions of tea drink recipes. For example, Zhongli will require extra tea in the Misty Garden recipe for a stronger drink. During the Perfect Bartender Challenge, players will likely come across many different requests that slightly modify the base drinks.

Brightcrown: Tea + Milk x2Boreal Watch: Tea + Milk + MintLaughter and Cheer: Tea + Milk + Cocoa PasteLove Poem: Tea + Milk + CaramelMisty Garden: Tea x3Scholar\’s Afternoon: Tea x2 + MilkTart Brilliance: Tea x2 + Lemon

Juice Recipes for Of Drinking-a-Dream in Genshin Impact

Similar to the coffee recipes in the Of Drinking-a-Dream event in Genshin Impact, one of the juice recipes will be unlocked through progression in the Tavern Tales portion. After serving Kaeya and Rosaria, players can speak to Dliuc to get his drink order. Diluc asks for a Gray Valley Sunset, which will unlock the recipe. Ingredients for recipes that are unlocked can be viewed at any time from the pause menu.

Barbatos\’ Boon: Juice + Fizzy Water + MintBirch Sap: Juice x2 + LemonDawning Dew: Juice x2 + Fizzy WaterGray Valley Sunset: Juice x3Snow-Covered Kiss: Juice x2 + MilkSweet Cider Lake: Juice + Milk x2

Blend Recipes for Of Drinking-a-Dream in Genshin Impact

There are only two blend recipes for the Of Drinking-a-Dream event in Genshin Impact. As the name suggests, the blend recipes involve combining two of the main ingredients, like coffee and tea, into one drink. For specific character requests, only Beidou asks for something in the blended drinks category. However, during the Perfect Bartender Challenge in Genshin Impact, there may be more requests for the base blend drinks or variations of them with extra ingredients.

Stroke of Night: Coffee + Tea + MilkDusk: Tea + Juice x2

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