Genshin Impact: Every Iwakura Clan Location (& Rewards)

In Genshin Impact, players may encounter the last remaining members of the Iwakura Clan, five Samurai mini-bosses scattered across the map. For an opportunity to battle the Iwakura Clan Leader, players will need to first defeat these Samurai. Conquering the remaining clan members will earn players high-value chests and an achievement once all members of the Iwakura Clan have been defeated.

Each Samurai in Genshin Impact has a unique appearance and will require a different set of attacks to defeat. The first Iwakura Clan member can be found North of the Byakko Plain waypoint, near a large rock. Of note, players may have already defeated this enemy if they completed the world quests in Inazuma. This Samurai is Okazaki Kunihiko, who appears as a Jintouban Nobushi. Accordingly, players will need to be prepared for the slashes and interruption resistance commonly used by the Nobushi enemies. Players will need to prepare their battle party appropriately, and characters with a crowd control build will be at a major disadvantage for these fights.

The second of five Iwakura Clan members are located in the Araumi dungeon in Genshin Impact, specifically in the large room near the underwater waypoint. Before players can enter this room, they will need to complete several puzzles to unlock the teleporter. The Samurai mini-boss Mifune Satoshi will appear in the form of an Electro Kairagi. Accordingly, players will need to prepare their battle team appropriately for a rigid opponent.

All Iwakura Clan Locations in Genshin Impact & Quest Rewards

The third member of the Iwakura Clan, Tanba Tetsuo, is an Iwakura disciple in the form of a Pyro Kairagi. Mechanically, this fight is similar to the second member of the clan, and players can use the same battle party. This mini-boss is found in the South of Genshin Impact\’s Tatarasuna region. First, players should teleport to the Southern Tatarasuna waypoint and glide West to reach this enemy. Next, players should search for a large hole in the ground where they can descend into an underground cave, and the mini-boss Tanba Tetsuo is inside the cave.

The fourth Iwakura Clan mini-boss is found on top of the cliff to the East of the Maguu Kenki boss, and players should use the nearby waypoint to travel there. Katayama Tatsumi is a Hitsukeban Nobushi, and mechanically this battle is similar to the first Nobushi fight. Finally, the fifth and final mini-boss of the Iwakura Clan, Shimada Shichirouji, is found to the West of the Fort Mumei region. This enemy will take the form of a Kikouban Nobushi, which includes both ranged and melee attacks. Once players defeat this mini-boss, they will be rewarded with a high-level chest in Genshin Impact.

Once players have successfully defeated all five of the Iwakura Clan opponents, they will face the final boss of the Iwakura Clan, their leader Iwakura Kouzou. This battle will take place to the Northeast of the Kujou Encampment waypoint. This boss\’s fighting style will resemble a standard Tenryuu Commission Samurai. Once this opponent is defeated, players will have successfully completed the quest \”The End of Iwakura Clan.\”

After defeating the leader of the Iwakura Clan, players should return to the Byakko Plain, where they fought the first mini-boss. Once there, instead of Okazaki Kunihiko, players will identify two Samurai and a locked Luxurious chest in Genshin Impact. Players should interact with the Samurai to learn that they are exiled members of the Iwakura clan. A battle will ensue, and players will need to defeat the enemy Samurai. Once defeated, players will be able to insert their swords into the nearby grave to unlock the reward chest.

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